Thursday, January 26, 2012

When Pocket Doors Go Rogue....

Who knew these little wheels could cause such a commotion for so long?
Our house, built in 1963, has a lot of things going for it:  sturdy construction, character, beautiful yard, (now a new roof).  But with that 1963 construction date come a lot of quirks. Lots and lots of doors in this house and two of them are pocket doors.
One that protects a very private and necessary room.  
Our "master" bathroom.  Did I mention small "master" bathroom when I talked about quirks? 

 You can see for yourself the spaciousness that is shared by not only two good sized adults, but by one Bumby the cat. (Much to Mr. Tennis' chagrin). And this brings me to a pet peeve about the lucky people looking for houses on "House Hunters". A master bath with two sinks is not a necessity, it is a LUXURY! 
Every once in awhile our bathroom pocket friend would jump the tracks and it would take a great deal of noisy wrestling (bad words included) to get it back "on track".

Finally the door one day in December, no it was November, said "enough" and simply spit off one of it's wheels.

Being the handy people we are in the home repair area, we called our friend John.  He can do anything!  
It's not like we didn't make an effort ourselves, but even the people at Home Depot couldn't tell us how you replace a pocket door.  One guy did mumble something about having to rip the wall apart.

John came and took a look.  Popped the molding off and pulled the door out. "Rip the wall out" didn't come into play thank goodness.  But those wheels did.

No local hardware stores had such things.  "Special order" was talked about and we waited for the new wheel (cost $1) to be shipped from California. Whaaat? I could have had The Writer and Sammy just bring it with them when they came for Christmas.
It arrived.
John attached it to the door, which while waiting for said wheel to come in, he had spruced up with a new handle-thing and babied the wood a bit.

"It doesn't fit the track", said John one week before Christmas when the house would be full of lots of people.   
Apparently in 1963 pocket door wheels were smaller (like the bathrooms) and since the new wheel came from CA we (John and I) figured no smaller wheel existed. He even looked for a used one.

Mr. Tennis would have to continue (and yes, me too) to shower and do bathroom things behind the curtain until John could come back and go with Plan B:  remove closet pocket door, put the wheel off of that door onto nicer looking (now) bathroom door and then close up pocket area in closet and put some sort of bi-fold door there.

Well, Christmas came and went, roofers came and created chaos and we went to California for a vacation (where the wheel came from).  John and I played telephone tag for a week and finally he came TODAY!
It's done! 

 He did it! 

Pay no attention to the person in orange taking the picture
 - I have NO idea who she is (look at that hair!  Has she no shame?)

With old 1963 wheels! Mr. T can rejoice (in private now).

And I get to see John again when he figures out the door situation for the closet (and yes, I have not cleaned out the closet since my shameful post about it.)

I think I will surprise John and do that before he comes back.
Gotta go.


Angela said...

Well, you gave me something to think about there. We put in a pocket door in the kitchen/laundry area a few years ago. Perhaps I should make my husband run to the hardware store to find a replacement wheel for just in case! We hardly ever shut it though so it probably will be fine.

Glad your Mr. Fixit John was able to fix it for you. They do have some nice bifold doors out there too. I'm sure you will find a nice one that you will like.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I have a few places in my home that could do well with pocket doors. However, our house is built on old black dirt...and it cracks something crazy when its hot and dry and the house settles...and then there we'd be with rogue pocket doors.
We can't have that.
The rejoicing in private ...that made me laugh out loud!

you crack me up!

Janie Fox said...

Too get busy on that closet!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I loved hearing about your (mis)adventures with your pocket door.
It's so reassuring to me when I hear that someone other than me struggles with household maintenance. :)
I also love the pocket doors, they look elegant, and certainly well kept.
Here's a suggestion for your closet cleaning - curl up with a nice hot drink, and research organizational tips with Ottawa mystery writer, and retired librarian, Mary Jane Maffini. She has a sweet, cozy series featuring professional organizer/ sleuth, Charlotte Adams. I notice some of her books are available on Kindle - "Closet Confidential"; "The Uncluttered Desk" - and soon it will be time to spend your days outside, doing a little gardening, walking and smelling flowers. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Man you guys sure did a lot of work - I am so impressed. You are getting the house in order. Love it. sandie

Mr. Connor said...

Wow ! Maybe you should get the parts for the other door ~ now ? What kind of shape is that in now ? Glade you had sooooooo much fun ! What a story !

Orlando Grandma said...

I had several pocket door in my other house, built a little before your, I am glad it sold while the doors were working. Well you secceded and that is what count.

The Thuglets said...

Oh we have never heard of a pocket door till your post. Glad u got if fixed! We hope you got a spare set of wheelies just incase.
Have a great weekend.
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Claudia said...

So glad you got that darned pocket door fixed! Who would have thought it would be so difficult? We have rogue sliding doors on the closet in our den. They have never worked right and they drive me nuts!