Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scary Dinosaurs, Good Roof

We had a big whopper of a rainstorm last night.  It was the first real test of the new roof
and the roof passed with flying colors.

I rode the storm out in the family room and watched the "dinosaurs" swaying in the
woods behind our backyard.  I call the trees that because at night and during rough 
weather that's what  they look like to me.

While they were swaying in the strong gusts, I riveted my attention on one dinosaur in 
particular because it is one of the lone "headless" trees that haven't fallen
in the years since 2004 when Hurricane Charley took so many trees from our 
woods and many other's streets and yards. See it there in the middle, just like a huge 

You can see it more clearly in the day time and how tall it is.
Which way will it fall? That's the scary part.  It's tall enough to reach the house, I think, if it falls towards us. 
It will wreak havoc on the power lines and possibly
 bring the poles down with it.  

But, at least the roof held up and the grass got watered.  
May the wind blow from the
east the day that dinosaur goes down and push it away from the house.


Emily said...

That really was a wicked storm! It was nasty all the way over here in Mount Dora. Glad the roof held up!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh my! I absolutely do not like windy, crazy storms!
I don't sit anywhere watching something...NO. I am pacing the floor with the weather radio in one hand and a flashlight in the other!

So glad the roof did it's job and held tight!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

It's lovely to have a good roof, isn't it? I know that's also how I felt after my roof was repaired and kept out all the rain!
I think you're brave to be able to sit and watch that storm!

Olive Cooper said...

yay for the new competent roof-supposed to storm here tomorrow

Chatty Crone said...

I'm glad that for now this dinosaur is still standing. You must have had some bad weather.

Love, sandie

Mr. Connor said...

Wasn't that Hurricane Charley in 2004 ? No leaky roof ~ YEAH ! Finally. WE do NOT want to test everything and have a hurricane come and visit to make sure it can withstand that.

Orlando Grandma said...

I just drove in as the storm hit. It was a good one good test for a new roof.
That tree does look like a dinosoiur, I hope it stay there.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

It does indeed look like Dino. :)