Monday, June 25, 2012

Debby Tried... But They Still Came - Well, A Few Did!

We have had quite the rain and wind the last several days, because of  HER:

Our first weekend to show the house and it rained Bostons and Tabby Cats.

Lots of flyers have been picked up (now they are soggy and we have to wait for drier weather to replace them - rain predicted for next several days - but about 30 have been taken from "take one") and that gives us hope that maybe potential buyers are waiting for better weather to come see Boston Manor.

Three separate hardy parties showed up to look at the house nevertheless.  Super nervous (well, I was, not Mr. T aka, "Nerves of Steel") for first one, but once that one was under our belt, we knew what we had to do (shuttle Bostons, in rain in this case, across street to kind neighbor's bathroom. Check all mirrors and faucets and shine if necessary.  Straighten beds, pillows on couches. Keep counters clutter-free. Last look at floors for dirt. Accent lights on, if dark, which it was day and night. Scoop litter. Scoop the backyard. Put smiles on faces.) and it worked like clockwork three times.

Our viewers were very kind in their comments - we couldn't go outside, so we tried to remain available but invisible in the family room.  All really liked the backyard (which they couldn't go out in because of rain, but said they would come back for second look), open floor plan, bonus office/laundry area and even complimented our decor.

So, I call it a successful first run
. Will they call back?  Will we get more traffic next weekend?  Will Debby go away?
Stay tuned.

Oh, and this turned up in one of our next door neighbor's yards on Saturday.

Working our signage.
And that's all I'll say about that!

Here's to a good week for everyone!


Chatty Crone said...

There is nothing more nerve wracking then trying to keep a house clean and the animals under control!!!

You little dog is so cute.

And I hope it stops raining soon it is raining here right now. sandie

Olive Cooper said...

Oh Ann, good for you two. I never want to move again. CC is going to Korea and I do not fly much if at all and she swears she is not marrying a Korean man but if she does I am in trouble for sure. I will gladly take that rain....pretty please...been watering daily here,,,got drought conditions.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Over all, it sounds like you did pretty well for the first weekend --tropical storm or not!
glad you have a neighbor to take the pets if needed. What is plan "B" case neighbors aren't home? Don't panic. Ask Mr. T (Nerves of Steel) I bet he has a Plan B. I bet it involves you jumping in the car with all the pets and cruising the neighborhood! ha ha ha ...

Hope the rain lets up. Hope you get more LOOK-SEES and a buyer! Hope nothing happens to the neighbors sign! (hey, if they advertised, that could mean more prospective LOOKERS) ...unless they'r taking that angle with y'all! hmph!

keep us posted, Pat

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

You and Mr. T sure make a super team...and it must be nice to have a partner with nerves of steel. (!!)

I loved reading this, you describe the experience of showing a house perfectly and with a good dose of humour, (and as well good humour) :)

Sorry about the storm...hope the rain stops soon there.

Mr. Connor said...

THe "Storm" is not gone yet ! I am done with the rain etc for a while. Pretty strong winds last night ~ blowing furniture & plants. Your neighbors are selling also ? ? Well you sound like you have the house showing down pretty well. Ann YOU must remember you come from a family of house sellers. The house in Toronto was sold by owners rather quickly. They ewven forgot things in their add like a den / fireplace etc.

Angela said...

I'll have to say that if we ever wanted to sell our house we would have to move out just to keep it clean and in perfect looking order! lol I seriously can not keep up with the kids and their clutter and messes plus do the laundry and cook and shuttle people here and there. I need 2 or 3 more of me to do it all.

Tell your neighbor they need to cut their grass! lol Are they low balling the price you guys are asking for? Or maybe you can get your son to move back and buy the house next door! lol