Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Sadie Has to Wear a Thundershirt...

Every Summer for the past two years we have had a solution to Sadie's terrible fear of thunderstorms.

The Thundershirt.

Ever vigilant during the storms, Sadie watches the sky.

It was a fellow Boston Terrier blogger who brought the Thundershirt to our attention. Joe Stains, who sadly is no longer with us.  While the Thundershirt can only overcome so much, it has helped Sadie tremendously, especially when storms like this crop up:

(Kind of long, best action starts about 1:20 - I will have you know I risked life and limb on the front porch Sunday night for this video)

I have been filming things around Boston Manor and our area so we will remember some of the more unique aspects of being Florida residents.  If I had been braver, or less intelligent, I would have stepped out from the porch so the sky could be more visible.  However, since I like to live to tell my tales, I had to settle for watching from the porch.

These storms will be missed by some of us, but Miss Sadie will not be included in that group.

For a post I did specifically on Thundershirts when we first got ours,  click right here!

And thank goodness for our new roof!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sadie looks so cute in her thundershirt...all we have to do is say "thunder" to set our Bailey off. Our local store is selling the shirts now!

Razmataz said...

A month after our Gracie died, we heard about the thunder shirt. She was CRAZY in the car and we wondered if it would have helped her. Great invention.

Angela said...

The thundershirt is cute on her! I will have to say that my outside dog Two is scared of storms. She has a God given instinct when they are going to be in our area. If it is going to storm during the day she will go in the garage and she won't go out if I'm leaving to go to the store. The sun can be out and no sign of a storm but she knows! lol

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This was quite a terrific storm, you were brave. :)

I love the Thunder shirt, and am so glad sweet Sadie is now more secure when it storms.

I enjoyed the post explaining the Thundershirt, and had no idea there was such a wonderful item for pets.

How frequent do you have storms like this?
Thanks for this post and video! :)
Be careful when out on your porch, okay!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...


Couple of Questions:
1.) does it come in a 1X ?
2.) Do they have an Earthquake Shirt?

These are important questions. I could use a 1X Tornado Alley shirt.Thank you very much.


Mango said...

I'd need a thundershirt too if we had storms like that.

Mango Momma

Mr. Connor said...

WEll ~ that will certainly be one of the things you will not miss about Florida ! Those storms can rattle your bones.

Cindy Ludwig said...

It's great you have had success with the Thundershirt. Readers should know that the original, patented Anxiety Wrap, first developed and marketed 8 years prior to the Thundershirt by a certified professional dog trainer and T-touch practitioner, Susan Sharpe works even better. I first used the Anxiety Wrap on my own dog several years ago and have been recommending to my clients with fearful and aggressive dogs ever since. It works like a charm! The Anxiety Wrap's effectiveness is also supported by clinical research (Dr. Nicholas Dodman at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine), which demonstrated that it is effective in 89% of thunderstorm-phobic dogs.

Chatty Crone said...

HAHA - Sadie has sensory processing disorder! SPD! I understand. Love, sandie

Oakley and Swisher said...

That Joe Stains was a smart fella! Thank you for risking your life!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Orlando Grandma said...

Thanks to TBL abilities and good will, I am back on line. THANKS
tHE STORM,Oh yeah it is good to watch it on film.we needed the rain. Prayers and moral support from this end.