Monday, June 4, 2012

June Will Be a Month of Changes and Challenges for Boston Manor

Well, it's here, June.  Sort of a deadline that's been floating in my head.
June is the month we've been shooting for to finish all our decluttering, attic cleaning, repairs, fluffing things up around here.
June is the month we are going to list our house for sale.

Whoa! I actually said it and now will put it out there on the blog.

This is a huge step for us.  We've lived in this house for 23 years.  This is the only house The Maven has ever lived in.  A lot has happened in this house.

My parents were still alive when we moved here and died while we lived here.

We've lived 7 minutes from my mother-in-law for those 23 years.  She was always close by if we needed her.
And vice-versa. Orlando Grandma knows she always has a place with us.

My kids learned to ride their bikes on the sidewalk in front, play basketball in the driveway, draw chalk drawings all over and run through the sprinklers in the summer months.

My children were able to grow up with the same group of friends, go to boy scouts and girl scouts.  Have countless sleepovers.

We've even had some movies filmed here during The Writer's college years.

My son and his wife asked that we host their wedding reception here. Here in this small little, ordinary house. I was astounded, but then honored to share that special time here at our house.

We have very good neighbors.  The best. That's going to be hard - to find good neighbors again.

We have such good friends here, many we met through our children as many of us do.  
Some from just seeing each other in the same place over the years and eventually taking the step of actually socializing.

Mr. Tennis has his tennis league buddies.  They have been playing together, well, forever, it seems.

Our family lives here. That's really hard. But not all of them live here. 

And when your children find happiness and success on the other side of the country and you only get to see them in snippets, that's even harder.

The Fantastic Four have always been a tight unit.  That's what we would call ourselves during our many camping vacations. We always knew we all had each other's back.  We have added a Fabulous fifth to that tight little unit, our DIL, Sammy.

The Maven is excited about spreading her wings and heading to the SoCal area to start her post-college life and career. 
 She has a safe place to land with her brother and sister-in-law for a few months.

Mr. Tennis and I will also spread our, quite a bit older, wings and head in the same direction sometime within the next few months.  And yes, of course, The Bostons and Bumby will be joining what should be a very interesting drive across the country.

This is a scary, exciting, sad, wonderful time in our lives.  We always knew that we would move from Florida after our last bird flew the nest, but weren't sure where we would head.

As we have told our kids, especially the newlyweds when they announced they would be heading that way that this is the time of their lives to take chances, to chase their dreams and to make those dreams a reality.

At our stage in life, many people would stay put. It's less stressful and more comfortable, but we are going to take our own advice and spread our wings a bit.

Thanks for reading this long post.  I didn't know how to really express all of these feelings I have so I just let it flow, however disjointedly it may have flowed.

So, Boston Manor is relocating. 
To California.
Exactly where in California remains to be seen, but you know me.
I'll be blogging about it all.


Olive Cooper said...

Ann, it is very exciting and way better than keeping two houses as we do. You can spread those wings. My BIL and SIL moved South from Pennsylvania two years ago and it went so smoothly. I would never find my way around they do. Blessings, olive

Razmataz said...

It's good to live with a little fear. Exploring new parts of the world makes us interesting and keeps us young. I think it's a brave but wonderful thing to do.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Although as you write, it will be sad to leave the home where you and your family created beautiful memories, yet you will carry these memories with you wherever you move.
When you settle on the new home it will still be where your children find home, I am absolutely sure.

How exciting, really, to move and I'll bet you'll love living in SoCal.

I think that taking risks, and making changes are what helps us to keep ourselves happy, healthy, and young at heart.

I'll just bet that your children are 100% behind you, as you have been for them.

Good luck with your June changes!

Chatty Crone said...

I almost cried - so many things and memories you are leaving behind - yet you are going for a new future - and the fantastic five +. Best wishes. sandie

Wendy Weissmueller said...

Cali or Bust!

Angela said...

What! You aren't moving to West Virginia! lol I'll have to say that I have no desire to ever move from where we live now. I love it here and hopefully will never move. I understand why you want to move but wow! I wish you and Mr. Tennis the best! Have you been to California?

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

How THRILLING! I'm excited for you and scared all the same!

When we moved here we said it was 'Til Heaven...but the closer Heaven gets the more I wonder if we should downsize. Move closer in ????? WHAT DIRECTION I ask? Closer into what?

I can't ever imagine leaving Texas. Although living someplace else sounds like it would be fun...I'd miss my kids, grandkids and some near and dear friends...and my brothers and Dad!

I can't wait to see what is on the horizon for you and Mr. Tennis and The Maven.
Wonder how The Writer and Sammi feel about it all?

...Just know that God goes before us, making a way... and He leads.


the cape on the corner said...

that's so exciting! i can't wait to see where you end up.

Janie Fox said...

That would be so hard but where your kids are ...that is home. :)

Mr. Tennis said...

We've had a great run in Florida and it will always be a part of our lives and memories. I'm looking forward to creating some new memories and getting a chance to explore new corners of this fabulous country we live in.

The Country Mouse said...

We wish you well, Fantastic Four plus One, but we will surely miss you all! I know you will have many new wonderful friends, but your old ones are sorry to see you go! There is always a room waiting for you out here with the country mice.

Mr. Connor said...

Wendy is right ~ Cali or bust ! The goooood times are coming ! !

The Boston Lady said...

Oh I so appreciate these comments!

The Thuglets said...

How fabulous and exciting for you!
So many happy memories to take with you.
Keep us posted. Sending you lots of positive thoughts as you prepare for your new life.
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Val said...

Yay for new and exciting things! I have a lot of good memories of that house - everyone will be missed!

Val said...

Yay for new things and new starts! I have a lot of good memories of that house. You both will be missed. <3 Good luck in getting the house sold!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH, I know moving can be quite bittersweet...such an adventure, yet all the memories. You'll take those with you, and how wonderful to be with your kids again!

KarenSue Farash said...

I thought I would be writing this letter before you. I think I'm having an anxiety attack or hot flash or something. This is real, maybe I thought it wasn't. Well, now you have to go to The Farm Chicks next year, you just have to. Let's not talk about it anymore and maybe it won't happen.
OK, what day do you want to go shopping next week?