Thursday, July 12, 2012

House Hunters Has it Wrong!!!

First I must say that I promise every post I do in the next few weeks will not have to do with the sale of the house, packing or the move.  I will find other topics, although this is all I can think of these days.  That said....

House Hunters has it so wrong!!  I have been taping and watching that show like a woman possessed the last few months.  At first to pick up tips on what looks good in a home to potential buyers.  Pretty soon I started seeing an annoying pattern in what these buyers were looking for.  Did I have any of these "hot button" items?


Worried. Worried.  Worried that our smaller, older, modest home would not be appealing enough.  Especially to young couples who House Hunters seem to feature the most.  And the most likely candidates to buy in our area because of the very good school district, dead end street and stable community.

This is how our house stacks up against the "must haves" according to HGTV's House Hunters.

MUST have double sinks in Master Bath.

Hah! We have laughingly referred to our small, "cozy" bathroom area in our "Master Suite" as our Master Bath, but it would never hold two sinks. We seem to have survived 23 years sharing a sink.  But can we survive 23 more?!?!?

MUST have luxurious water-jet soaking tub separate from glassed in shower.
Ahhhh. Hello? Well we do have a pulsating shower head.

Just the fact that I have put a picture of our shower in here is a big step for me.  Baby steps, Ann, baby steps.  It's all going to be okay and no one has freaked out over the shower. In fact, it seems to be a non-issue.

MUST have stainless steel appliances.


AND we have a stainless steel sink in there too! So there!
Oh, was that supposed to mean a fridge or oven?

Well, we have them, but we have white ones.  
Because... when we moved in we had a "Mustard" colored  fridge and beige appliances.  Originals to the house I might add which worked well up until about 10 years ago.  Then we went white because, well the kitchen was kind of dark and needed lightening up. And, I like them!

There's that pesky ice and water dispenser.  Lime Away has helped - A LOT!  Thanks to those who suggested it! BTW the fridge doesn't have that much stuff on the front of it now, mainly the cute baby pictures.

MUST have granite counter tops.

Shnope. Formica baby.

MUST have an eat in kitchen!

Check! So what if it's right beside the dining area. It's in-the-kitchen. 
It counts!

And the fur-children have their own eat in kitchen too:

Which is cleared of any wet food and wiped before each visit. Don't worry.

MUST have custom cabinets. 

Well, I'm sure in 1963 these cabinets were custom built for this house and they have held up darn well.  Painted them white awhile back to bring some lightness into the kitchen and added the knobs. 
Hey, and there's my stainless steel appliance over there!

MUST have vaulted ceilings!

Again, 1960s ranch home. Eight foot ceilings, popcorn to boot!

MUST have an open floor plan!

Got it!

 Hah, House Hunters, our floor plan is so open we can see Russia, I mean, almost the entire house when standing in the middle of it.

MUST have a room for a home office!

 Good thing The Writer moved out so you-know-who could move her stuff in his old room.

Can you tell this is my space?

Why do I say they have it wrong?  
Because the young couple who seem so interested in the house came back to look at it again last night and said they just love the old Florida homes. Good construction, character.  What seemed to concern them most about the bathrooms was if the water pressure was good. It was, they went and ran the water.

They LIKED the kitchen, said it was efficient and cozy.  That the open floor plan was great and they loved the flow of the house. 

I know, I know.  I was stunned. And happy. 
 Happy that a young couple starting out their married life appreciated an older home and its quirks. 

Yep, made me feel really good.

I will still torture myself and watch House Hunters because yelling at the TV is a good stress reliever in these times.  And because I know the truth. Reasonable buyers are out there.

Disclaimer: This is my attempt at humor and in no way do I want to offend anyone who has some of the beautiful upgrades mentioned in this post.  It is more a jab at HH which, in my opinion, does not always show a well-rounded view of the selling/buying situation out there.  Besides, who knows what I will have in my next home! In California!  I might go all granite and vaulted ceilings.  We will be renters at first, so it's all up in the air.


Olive Cooper said...

House Hunters is totally rigged I am sure you know that. The couple has already picked a house before filming. I detest stainless steel. Every finger print shows.

Chatty Crone said...

To be honest I haven't watched that show - but you have a lovely home - I want to know what happened! sandie

Razmataz said...

House Hunters is BS..a bit of a sham/scam. Check this out

I prefer OLDER will sell, they will come back. I used to stage houses for a living by the does help, so you should be good for a sale shortly.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I see Razmatazz has already told you what I was going to.

I did real estate staging for years. Most of what I did has never been mentioned on HH.

Ps. ALL of my staged homes sold for ABOVE asking price.

House Hunters mouse munters. I realize that makes NO sense but so much fun to say.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Well I don't really know anything about House Hunters, having not seen it, but your home is lovely and welcoming, and friendly...this couple certainly did appreciate it.
I really think the kitchen cupboards are unique, and also like the white paint.
Soon, you will make a new home, and with your flair for making things comfortable, and also pet friendly, it will also be lovely!

P.S. I have a similar coffee mug as the one with the Boston, which is raised from the surface, sort of heavy, and rounded edges. Mine has a collie, as our first family dog was a Sheltie, who looked alot like a collie. :)

Claudia said...

Oh House Hunters makes me crazy! And it is a sham as other commenters have mentioned. Even though I know all this, I still want to throw something at the television when that show is on.

Your house is lovely and I'm sure it will sell in no time!


Val said...

I like your house! I think it's very charming. :)

Orlando Grandma said...

I do watch House Hunters, like best "international, less realistic, I suppose. There is a right client for every place. The price will end up the result of offers and counter offers it will show the reality of things in todays market . Hang in there,not an easy task. Love and prayers.

Mr. Connor said...

Remember the Titanic was built by professionals. Little things here or there but you look like you are on the right track.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

What is not to LOVE about your house?
I think it's adorable. I especially like the Pet feeding/eat in area. Very clever.

I've seen HH...and it's unrealistic.
I think the good ratings they get are from all of us, who watch...and just plain hate it!

Hope it sells. I hope the young couple come back and scoop it up!


Sue said...

Your house looks great! Don't worry about it and hopefully this young couple will melt all your troubles away with an offer! I watch House Hunters too, and I know most of it is staged. I saw an episode last week where this girl, who was with her husband, some place back East, was such a princess that I had to flip the channel! Hope your house hunt out here in Sunny CA works out well for you!!

Take care,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think you could easily make a sale with all of these beautiful features. But I know what you mean. When they go on and on about stainless steel and granite counter tops...I think how dated that will be 10 years from now! Hugs!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

After our 9 month journey trying and finally selling our older condo in a buyers market....I have to agree that it's nice to have someone who appreciates the character, and sturdiness of older buildings.

Our little place was all revamped, and lovely, but it didn't have stainless, or laminate flooring...sigh. oh those poor babies. Those are cosmetic things that you can add yourself, it's the reliability, and structure that you need to worry about, not the shiny appliances.

Best of luck on your selling.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams