Thursday, July 19, 2012

Of All The Things I've Lost....

....I miss my mind the most.

Well, folks, it finally happened.  I have cracked. The perfect, calm, smiling, smart-as-a-whip veneer has worn away and this morning it showed.

I'll set the scene for you.  Mr. Tennis and I arose bright and early to do final wiping and fluffing before the inspectors, buyers and realtor showed up.  Had a cold breakfast so the house wouldn't smell like eggs and made Mr. T go without his morning shower so mirror wouldn't fog and bathroom wouldn't be humid.  Took dogs to kind neighbor so they wouldn't be underfoot.

Mr. T went into his home office and kept busy with office-stuff.  I greeted first the inspector and then eventually the real estate agent and two strangers with a small child.  I took the realtor aside and said "Who are these people?".  She gave me a funny look and said, "These are the buyers".  I looked at them again and, nope (!), they didn't look familiar.

Cue Twilight Zone music.

In my memory (which is very short apparently) the buyers were a couple about our age and there had not been a child.  The woman looked slightly familiar, but her husband looked nothing like I remembered, not to mention they were about 20 years younger that I thought they were.  


I did confirm with them that they had a Boggle (Boston/Beagle mix). Obviously the only thing I focused on during their previous visit.  I felt much better when I was able say something to them that made sense.  We all chuckled and I talked with their sweet son who is four years old to cover up my humiliation.  He and I seemed to be on the same wave-length.

And in my defense, these nice people told me that their son hadn't been with them when they came to look at the house. Whew! At least I hadn't totally erased the poor kid. Just his parents...

As the inspection continued I slunk out to the office to admit my faux pas to Mr. T.  "They didn't hear you ask that did they?".  Well, not exactly, but my performance afterwards was surely a clue that I did not recognize them and that I am one step away from being tested for memory issues.



I have nothing else to add except we now wait for the inspection results and see what those people who were here today (apparently our buyers) say is the next step.

It's me again. 
I realize this was a result of a week of stressful (some good, some not) events.  A lot has gone down in the last seven days.  Including Mr. T's procedure at the hospital and him finally hearing that he will be able to transfer with the company he works for.  As for me, I think I'm thinking too much and not concentrating on what's going on around me, so I am determined to be more aware.  One more thing, this really rattled me and I feel like I got a glimpse into what someone who struggles with Alzheimer's must experience, especially in the early stages.  And no, I don't think I have that - not yet, but really, who WERE those people?? 

May the weirdness resume.


Olive Cooper said...

Ann, do not worry about it. Just let someone sign the dang contract. It is called Sensory Overload. There is not one thing wrong with your fine brain. Now if you did not recognize Mr. T or your kiddos then we would start worrying. And that is my professional R.N. opinion.

Razmataz said...

I am forever doing 100 things at once and repeating myself with my family who are forever using the A word....OMG!mother!Altzheimers!

LaVane001 said...

If you offer pizza... we could sniff around for you to see if we find it. Bol. Good luck!

Lots of licks,
Swisher and Oakley

Mr. Connor said...

This was a test to see if WE were paying attention, right ? I give up ~ who is on first ? ? ?

Chatty Crone said...

This is not going to sound nice - but so glad this happens to you too - I worry about myself! lol

Good luck on the home.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

All I can do is to agree with everyone here, that this was the result of overload.
I admit, I too would have been taken aback about the couple, and that I sometimes make small slips of memory too. I think we all do as we age abit. Nothing serious.

How sweet that this couple has a Boogle. (Not too long ago we wouldn't be giving our dogs all these cute hybrid names, it seems. Or am I wrong?)


Farmgirl Paints said...

Stress will do that to ya. Moving equals major stress. Excited for you and your rebirth. It's gonna be good;)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It is so stressful to sell your place, and if you actually meet the potential buyers, that totally ramps it up a lot more.

No wonder you had a brain fart.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH, Ann...your mind must be totally full of STUFF right least that's when my mind is lost lol! Hope you can take some time to relax and have a little fun- maybe head out to one of those movies you love! XO

Orlando Grandma said...

The mind is just like any other part of the body, if it is over loaded it takes a rest . Thats all.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ha Ann! I must have missed this post... not to worry. You just have tons of stuff on your plate, it happens it's called OVER LOAD! Maybe you can take a break soon, and just relax...well, I read the post where you went out that was fun! Right?

You remember thrifting, don't you?...just kidding.
At least you still have your sense of humor!


Sammy said...

that is hilarious! haha. can't wait for you to come out here!

KarenSue Farash said...

Please look for my mind with yours. It's OK, you will be fine, as they say. Just breath through all this.