Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Sell Your House Shuffle: Weekend 3

I will admit, there were times during this past "sell the house" week when I was a bit of a basket case.

Alright, let's start with July 4th.  A day of fun and relaxation.  A day we figured we could go goof off at Disney World for a few hours and use up one day on a three day pass we had.

Aaaahhhh, it was good to get away from the cleaning products and constant nit-picking for some time to blend in with the tourists. 

First stop The Little Mermaid.  Haven't seen that show in years!  First and last stop, I should say.  My phone was blinking when we emerged from the theater.  A realtor had called and said he had an interested, pre-qualified buyer who was using the day off to look at houses with his family.  They were relocating to our area because his wife is a teacher at one of the schools nearby and his kids attend the schools in our district.  After some hemming and hawing, Mr. T and I decided we should go home since this was the ONLY time this family could look at the house.

Drove home, Mr. Tennis mowed the grass while I did the inside wiping, scooping, fluffing, etc.  Shuttled the dogs across the street to beloved neighbor's house and we were ready for our showing.  Car pulled up at 2pm on the dot and two men emerged from the car.  Whaaaa?  It was the realtor and the husband.  Surely wife and kids were to follow.... Nope they were out at Disney at a dance competition.  The irony was not lost us. Now, no offense to any husbands, but unless the wife comes it is a waste of time.  

No, we didn't go back to Disney, too wiped out from "The Sell Your House Shuffle".  Lesson learned.  Make sure husband and wife will be showing up.

The weekend went much better as you can see by the relaxed demeanor of our good luck charm, Darcy.

Saturday we had back to back showings. Grass was already cut. Minor fluffing, wiping, floor cleaning, etc. had to be done.  Mr. Tennis actually played tennis in the morning!

Even Bumby was relaxed.

First couple (yay, they both came!) showed right on time and really made lots of positive comments about their impressions of the house.  Asked lots of questions, which interested buyers usually do. Left saying they would be back to us after thinking things through.

Second couple (yay again) also showed up right on time.  We were so relaxed this time that we just popped the dogs in the backyard for this showing.  Again lots of good vibes from this couple, who have family living nearby.

Monday morning I changed the sheets and duvet cover in the master suite at Boston Manor and noticed how wrinkled the duvet cover was.

No worries.  By the weekend those wrinkles will have shaken out and relaxed.  I headed off to do some grocery shopping and Mr. T settled into his office for his Monday routine.

Phone rings while I am in the cereal aisle. It's Mr. T. A realtor wants to bring an interested, pre-qualified couple to see house at 2pm that day! Great!  Fantastic! I don't remember much else about the grocery store trip because all I could think about was that wrinkled duvet and vacuuming the floors - and wiping the counters, cleaning the mirrors, scooping the -you-know-what.... you get the picture.

After I ran around like a woman possessed AND ironed the duvet,  the realtor called again and said they would have to push the time to 3pm.  NBD (no big deal). Shuffled dogs over to kind neighbor at 2:50. Came back and perched on the couch waiting for THE arrival. And waited, and waited.

Meanwhile.... while we were waiting and just about to call realtor who was now 45 minutes late, and I had run over to neighbor's house to see if dogs had wreaked havoc, the realtor who had brought first young couple on Saturday called and said they wanted to make an offer. That night.  

Long story short. Too late for that, I guess. We asked if the offer was our asking price. Realtor said he would call us back. No-show realtor was called and asked if they were coming. She didn't seem to know if they were or not. So, not. Retrieved very confused dogs. Realtor for young couple called and gave us the offered price.  Too low. We counter-offered.  And supposedly we will hear back sometime today.

Did I mention that I ironed the duvet cover?  I ironed the duvet cover and no one saw it!

Stay tuned....

Tired from "The Sell Your House Shuffle"


Olive Cooper said...

It is all rather dizzying Ann. I iron duvet covers all the time, to sell them, and they are awful to iron.

The Country Mouse said...

I am exhausted thinking of ironing the duvet cover! Will cross my fingers (again) that the couple counteroffers something acceptable.

Razmataz said...

I can;t stand selling a house...here's crossing fingers for you.

Razmataz said...

By the way, I iron my duvet covers while they are on the bed...only the side that shows.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So much work to sell a house...hope it works out quickly!

Chatty Crone said...

That would be such a blessing - I hope that the house sold! sandie

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I can sympathize with you, as it was no too long ago that I spld my old house.
But really you sound like you are taking everything in your stride, and very capably too!
(I was such a wreck, and sick with a terrible bug, on the evening of our Open House.And I remember that I was washing the floor of my verandah, just minutes before interested people came in.)

I hope the house will go to this couple for close to your price, wouldn't that be nice!

Orlando Grandma said...

Hang in there. Take notes of each showing you may have enough material for a book,fiction, you may add intrige, sex or whatever it takes,you are good at that and people love to read about that sort of thing since they in some way can relate to it. I am sorry I did not record my EXPERIENCES when I sold mine.

Mr. Connor said...

Boy what a set of experiences. WE ~ the family ~ are coming to look and only the husband & relator show up. Are they the same ones who made an offer ? Need to do a little chilling out. Orlando Grandma is right ~ keep notes for the book. Is it a big deal that it is not ironed ? Are they checking for dust over the door frames ?