Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Special November Birthday

Happy Birthday Chalon!

This incredibly funny, sweet man is Mr. Tennis' uncle.  What a wonderful spirit this man had.  Today is his birthday and we need to remember him.

This is what I remember most:
I couldn't speak Spanish, but Chalon didn't care. The unspoken message I always received from him was: you are family and I think you are fantastic.  His smile lit up his whole face and he gave the impression he would do anything for you. 

Look, even Chalon wore the big glasses!

I know how much his family misses him:

Orlando G-Ma and her brother, Chalon in 1999 when we  last visited the beautiful country of Panama.  What a wonderful man, father, husband, brother, son, uncle.  His smile will live forever.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hey Boston Lady. Sneaky you. Starting a blog and not telling us. :)

I had to bring "Mr. Decor" into the office because he often speaks of Chalon.

On another note.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on the "Fashionista's" blog. She will also be commenting back to you as well.

Your words of encouragement made her day.

Orlando Grandma said...

What a wonderful recount of a vey special human being, thank you so much. It is good that when we remember someone it brings a smile to our face and Chalon does.
I was surprised to read the comment of "Decor" but Chalon always made sure that Eric got the same things that the boys did.

The Boston Lady said...
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