Saturday, November 28, 2009

NSB Thanksgiving with Pat the Turkey (No relation to beloved Pat in SC)

Four members of our cast of characters gathered in a lovely rental home in New Smyrna Beach.  Well, actually six characters including the Bostons.  It is a lovely home located on a quiet street on the southern end of the beach, one block from the ocean.

Orlando Grandma, Mr. Tennis, The Maven and I were able to spread out and enjoy ourselves in this cute three bedroom home.

It has a tiny, cute kitchen with a little gas stove which proved to be a bit of a challenge in which to roast, Pat, our Turkey. (The bag boy at Publix suggested I name the bird, Pat, and I promised I would) I tried a salt brine for Pat this year and that was cause for excitement as I knew I would be transporting the 17 lb gobbler sealed in a huge ziploc bag where it had been "brining" all week.  Pat survived the trip (well, I suppose "survive" is not an appropriate term) packed in ice and just fit in the small oven.  Everything turned out just fine and we enjoyed the meal in the dining area.

Across from the table are these built-in shelves with "beachy" decorations.

The Maven was there for a couple of nights along with her hamster, Athena.  She stayed in one of the three bedrooms.  Athena stayed in the lovely family room and would roll around happily in her exercise ball.

Panda and Athena in a standoff

There was a lovely window filled in with glass blocks in the family room.

Mr. Tennis and I had the most luxurious bathroom!

We had such a relaxing, food-filled, fun weekend complete with scrabble battles, good movie (Orlando G-ma and I give "The Blindside" two thumbs up!), good company, lots of walks to the beach and surrounding areas. Not to mention a Gator win over FSU!

Yes, she beat me at scrabble, but I will get my revenge!

In memory of "Pat"


KarenSue said...

Where's the shell? I hope you found me a shell on that big huge beach! And did you not see the NO ANIMALS sign? You just like to break the rules.
Anyway, it looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Orlando Grandma said...

Thanks for letting me be part of the ACTION.