Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December!

Some of us look forward to the hustle and bustle of this busy month, but others, like Susie, know that this month may hold some indignities.

Susie prefers Christmas collars or necklaces, she was most offended by this assault on her feline sensibilities.

First, The Maven will move over to this side of town for several weeks.  She will divide her time between our house and working the holiday-jag at her theme-park job.  She will be bringing cheer to the cranky tourists that will show up each day and expect warm, perfect weather.  For the most part, they will not be disappointed.  The Maven will make sure they are happy no matter what - she takes great pride in her "guest relations" skills.  Just look at the cheerful way she is dealing with this hardnosed customer.


Next, The Writer and Sammy will arrive from LA.  Sammy will stay a couple of days to help celebrate The Writer's birthday.  Then she will head over to spend the holidays with her family in Tampa.  I hope this picture of her boyfriend with his basketball bday cake doesn't shake her faith in my baking abilities!

After The Writer's birthday another special birthday will be remembered. Tita.  She is Mr. Tennis' grandmother and I will write a special blog for her on her special day, December 23rd.  This is Tita and The Boston Lady in 1979.  I went to Panama with Mr. T and this was the first time I met her.

Before we know it my brother and my neice will be on our doorstep to help us celebrate Christmas.  Last year we had a large group for Christmas dinner, including The G family from Apopka, and I hope we can convince them to come back again.  Of course, we know that Orlando Grandma will definitely show up because it's not a party unless she's there.  See? I told you I had a picture of us both in big glasses.  Boone soccer game 1980.

Well, enough of this blogging business, I have lists to make, shopping to do and food to prepare.  Let December begin!

Oh, and The Bostons definitely are more in the mood than Susie is:

Okay, so they don't like the antlers either.


KarenSue said...

Another happy post from you! I love The Maven on duty at the wonderful Theme Park, that was me a looong time ago. You sure have a busy month ahead. Also check this out http://vintagejunky.blogspot.com/

Orlando Grandma said...

Thank you for being on the ball, an remaind me December is here, ready or not. Lots of activities going on.
Also thaks for mentioning Tita's birthday, and those pictures of everyone. In my case minus several wrinkles.... It is good for the spirit, to look at them.
Looking forwards to participating.
I look for everybody who is here for Ch. Eve open house.

Sammy said...

oh boy!!! i love love love all the old pictures. i cannot imagine the writer being more excited about anything more than that basketball cake. he looks so happy haha! can't wait to see you guys!