Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday to The Writer!

It's hard to believe this little fellow is now 25 years old!  In this picture he is about 2 months old and is propped up on our couch in the "family room" of our first house. 

It was just Mr. Tennis, Ziggy, Cheetah and me when this little package arrived a few days before Christmas.  We arrived home from the hospital on December 22, stayed up all night trying our best to do what was right for a crying newborn.  By Christmas Eve I was on the phone with both our pediatrician and La Leche league, sure that I was doing something wrong and this fragile little baby would never survive my clumsy attempts at motherhood.  Mr. Tennis, ever the calming influence slept for the first three nights with his baby son on his chest because that's what seemed to make The Writer feel best.

We somehow all survived and The Writer thrived.  We actually got him to his first birthday, a feat I thought would be impossible.  Here is his first birthday cake, a banana cake because that was his favorite food.  He's probably the only child whose mother made him a banana cake for his birthday.  Crazy.

That first year had many milestones.  Here's Grandpa Hughes helping his grandson with his new skill, walking.

And Orlando Grandma did her part for the Gator Brainwashing Project.

The Writer got his first haircut at Fantastic Sam's

And Grandma Hughes did her part by taking him to the "little beach" at Med Manors.

As he got older, The Writer developed many interests and hobbies, some which may have been indicators about which path he would eventually pursue.




Filmmaker?  Ah, we are getting somewhere now!

Writer?  Hmmmm, who knew as he sat at his first desk that words would be his chosen path?

High Acheiver?  Yes, definitely as he was a Disney Dreamer and Doer in fifth grade.

Or Gangsta? Nah, just the actor in him coming out again.

One thing that has changed over time is the slightly fretful, young baby has turned into a fine young man who is laidback, remarkably talented, and determined to pursue his dreams.     He still retains the stubborn determination he showed as a young child to not give up easily and persist until he is successful.

Oh, and the Gator brainwashing worked.  The Writer graduated from the University of Florida in 2007, with his family cheering him on.       

Now, he is chasing his dreams out in Los Angeles with his biggest fan, Sammy, by his side.  His other fans come out and visit them in this beautiful state and we look forward to the next exciting chapter in the life of Our Writer.                        


KarenSue said...

Oh what a proud Mama you are. You do know this is a reflection on you and Mr Tennis. Good job guys!
Happy Holidays

Orlando Grandma said...

One quarter of a century ago, what a happy occation I can remember exatly what I was doing at Orange Villa when Alan's call came in with the good news,Zach had arrived,Ann was doing well and it was not Zacharina. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Here's to a wonderful day, a wonderful year big Z.

Alan said...

They day of Zach's birth is one of the best days in my life. {I would say in the top three. See if you can figure out the other two.) Thanks for allowing me to refresh and relive those memories.

eggzachary said...

This is awesome. The banana cake says it all about the great kind of mom you've been. Thank you.

Sammy said...

I am not only the writer's biggest fan, but I am also the Boston Lady's! LOOOOVE this blog! Happy birthday, Blondie :)

KarenSue said...

You bet! Walk when I get back.
Happy New Year!