Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snuggalicious Gifts

This was the Christmas of unique gifts.  Of course the greatest gift is being in the company of family and friends. Two-legged or four-legged, they are all appreciated.

Actually, I suppose we could call this "the year of the Snuggie".  A good friend of mine was a bit chagrined to receive a Snuggie from her husband for her 50th birthday. It was a running joke between us for a couple of months. THEN, I was Christmas shopping and ran across "Snuggies for Dogs".  Since our two short-haired black and whites often get chilly when the mercury dips below 70, as any good Floridians do, I snapped up two and put them under the tree.  I told my friend that she could wears hers knowing that she was in the finest of company.

Sammy and The Writer arrived in town and since we wouldn't be with Sammy on Christmas Day we exchanged gifts with her beforehand.  Mr. Tennis was honored to receive something from Sammy that would cement his already tight relationship with the Bostons. Yes, Mr. T is also the proud owner, and wearer, of his very own Snuggie.

Isn't it nice when you and your dogs can wear matching outfits?  Sammy knows this is all in fun and Mr. Tennis has been actually using his Snuggie these last few days during the recent cold snap.

Since, I, The Boston Lady, am known for my much more refined tastes, Sammy gave me a beautiful, vintage serving dish that I have already used three times.

Even more special is that she hunted for and purchased it at a weekly "swap meet" that we went to when we visited LA last summer.  What a fun place that was and what a special gift this dish is to me since I will always think of the fun we had with Sammy and The Writer.

All members of the Fantastic Four received special gifts, from my neice, Val.  She is an extremely talented young woman who put a lot of thought and effort into her gifts to us.  She was working on them right up until the moment she arrived in Orlando with Uncle R.  Four beautifully cross-stitched coasters for three Gators and a Knight:

Thanks Val!

Mr. Tennis and I will have a fun event every month for the first half of 2010.  In January we will jaunt up to Gainesville to see the Gator Basketball team play a game and revisit some of our old college haunts. We have a treat in February when we will attend a concert by the talented Harry Connick Jr., due to the generous Christmas gift from The Maven and her brother.  They have certainly learned the joy in giving an "experience" gift. In March we will go see "In The Heights" at Orlando's performing art center, courtesy of Mr. Tennis' Christmas gift to me which also includes seeing "Spring Awakening" in May (with The Maven too) and "Chicago" in June.

So, it looks like our year will have many things to look forward to along with many things to be thankful for.  I hope all of our family members and friends experience joy, good health and success in the upcoming year.

Boston Lady, out.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I had to bring Mr. Decor in to see these photos. Deep down I think he's jealous and really wants a snuggie. :)

Sammy said...

hahaha! Amazing picture with the pups. No one should ever have to be ashamed of trying to keep warm! I bought one for my mom too, but I have been wearing it more than she has since Christmas. Yes, even in the movies...and not just in the dark theater either. :]

The Boston Lady said...

Laura, I knew "E" would be envious! Sammy, I admit, I have had Mr. T's Snuggie on in the last week - altho I waited until darkness fell....

Alan said...

I have come to appreciate my Snuggie even more as the frigid air rolls into town. Kudos to the Boston Lady for keeping everyone happy and well fed during the Christmas Season.

Orlando Grandma said...

Can I get in here too.
My special gift was mi Scrabble tile neckles with the letter E on and the tiltle os "Scarabble Queen" at my playing level of course, but that I have to work hard all year long. Do they make snuggies for migets.
It was a good Chritstmas for all, thank you