Sunday, December 27, 2009

It Was a Squirrely Christmas

Well, we had a unique, fun Christmas with family and friends.

Christmas Eve we sauntered over to Orlando Grandma's and had some delicious pulled pork, nice wine and of course, refined company as you can see by the picture. 

The Writer and his little cousin, J

Yep, Orlando Grandma knows how to throw a Christmas Eve bash.  Eddie was there relaxing after a day of fishing, you can see The Maven in the background talking to our wonderful Maria. V is sporting the Santa hat

V and J were definitely in the spirit and ready for Santa's visit that night.


 For some reason the usually brave Writer was terrified of Orlando Grandma's decorative rooster.  Who knew he was such a "chicken"?

It was nice to see the four youngest Orlando grandchildren together

It was good to see "Big J" again.  He's V and J's grandpa and we missed seeing him last year.

Ralph and Orlando Grandma had fun catching up.  Ralph is Eddie's brother and uncle to V and J.

And of course the party wouldn't be complete with out Uncle K.

The Party moved to the The Boston Lady's house on Christmas Day.  Panda and Sadie were very excited about opening their gifts and celebrating with family.

Bumby and Susie were excited as well.  Susie even donned a Christmas collar

Val, Uncle R, The Writer and I exchanged gifts at lunch time. Mr. Tennis did too, but someone had to take the pictures.

Uncle R tried out THE chair and declared it a successful upholstery project.

The Writer, Mr. Tennis, Maria and our guest Dr. Rico relaxed while the kids played the Wii.

The surprise guest of the evening arrived in a Christmas stocking. A squirrel!  She came with Maria, little J and V, who she lives with after being found by one of their uncles.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

It is so much fun to see everyone. Glad you had such a grand time.