Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrating the Birth of Mr. Tennis

I wonder where he got his height from?  I know his exotic good looks come from Mama!
It all began on a chilly day, November 11th to be exact, in Orlando, Florida.  Okay, so as we can see it was 80 degrees and sunny, but that sounds too bland for a birth such as this one.  Yes, Orlando Grandma and Grandpa Courtney, an officer in the US Air Force,  welcomed a squirming baby boy into the world, Mr. Tennis. I was just thinking how proud they must have been to see their first born come into the world on Veteran's Day.
And the world has never been the same.

Trying to grow a beard.  I actually like this look...
Well, I, for one, am very grateful for this event, even though it would be almost nineteen long, lonely years before I would get to meet this special baby who would turn into a great man.  Doesn't that sound quite epic?  Well, I think that's a good description of Mr. Tennis' life thus far

Our kids were lucky, Mr. Tennis made sure they stayed in the same place for their elementary through high school years.  Or.... was he the lucky one?  Because they were a military family, Mr. T's (sorry, I know you look nothing like that guy) household found themselves living all over the US.  NH, AZ, NE, back in FL and even Panama. Each elementary school year was spent in a new school, in a new city.  No wonder he can talk to anyone about anything!! He's super adaptable. And he can Habla Espanol thanks to his mom and Panamanian grandparents.

Funny thing though, with all his moving around, Mr. Tennis ended up graduating from Boone High School in Orlando where his Uncle Larry was a member of the first graduating class and from where his two children would also graduate.  Uncle Larry, circa 1980


Also from Boone were Mr. Tennis' college roommate and the roomie's girlfriend, The Boston Lady's college friend.  Who said soap operas were on the decline?  It was a total set up when the four of us met for a Gator basketball game.  I knew it, he knew it.  I was rendered mute and couldn't form complete sentences, so he spent the game talking to some girl sitting behind us (that's right, I haven't forgotten). I thought he was a jerk, he thought I was stuck-up.  I don't know what possessed him to call me a couple of months later, but he did and we agreed to meet for what would be our "first date" - on April Fool's Day, 1978.  I must have regained my ability to carry on a conversation because that stroll around campus led to many more dates, and well, you know the end result. 

This is outside Mr. Tennis' apt in Gainesville where he lived with the famous Ziggy.


Mr. Tennis is...

A son:

No, Orlando Grandma did not join a convent!  This is Mr. Tennis' wonderful Aunt L and his dad. Sister L was the first family member to ask me if we "were serious".  I couldn't lie to a nun!

A grandson:

Abuelo and "Tita", grandparents from Panama. Mr. Tennis gets his toughness from his Abuelo, but his quiet strength from sweet "Tita".

    "Gramps" and Grandma Rose with Orlando G-ma and Mr. T. I only had the pleasure of knowing "Gramps" and I was priviledged to call him such.  I wish I had met G-ma Rose.  I always loved her name.

A brother:

I just love these two pictures of the bros. And yes, they have the same set of parents!  Orlando Grandma, you look grand!

A son-in-law:

These are not really "in-laws" but a second set of
parents. Mr. Tennis was much loved by both of them.

A dad:

Two intellectuals

Guess we just got our contacts.  Isn't The Writer cute?

The above are my favorite three pictures of The Maven and her dad.  She loved the water and her Bambi bathing suit.  The picture where her dad is telling her to reach for the sky is fantastic. Formal, beautiful Maven and her dad is a picture I just love.

The Writer and his
dad.  Just sweet. Now they are both embarrassed.

She always wanted to be taller than "coach"

This picture never fails to make
me laugh. Our first family cruise. Mr. Tennis has no idea The Writer is behind him. The Writer, ever the performer, mugs for the camera. Love it!

Well, there we are, for better or worse, in LA this last summer.  My how we have all changed. And I'm the shortest!

Finally, a terrific husband:        
Well, at least the glasses finally got smaller! But I absolutely am such a lucky girl. See it's not "all about the Bostons".

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tennis!  Love from your queen, The Boston Lady


KarenSue said...

Boston Lady you amaze me. Great post. And, don't forget, Mr. Tennis was the best basketball coach ever! Katie would not have the skills she has today if it were not for his ability to teach and coach. I remember when the team was way ahead he would then put Katie under the basket and we would all yell-throw it to Katie and she would try her best for a basket! I was so proud. And this was after how many years of practice?! Mr Tennis never gave up on her. Thank you.
Happy Happy Birthday to Mr. Tennis!

Orlando Grandma said...

Hi there, reat job

Orlando Grandma said...

Good job, it brought tears to my eyes to look at all those good memories, aren't we lucky to have that nice recervoir. Thanks

Alan said...

I truly enjoyed your compilation of photos and running commentary. I never thought I would be looking at a retrospective on my life from my laptop. You did a beautiful job and Mr. Tennis feels especially fortunate to have made this journey with the Boston Lady.

eggzachary said...

Those are incredible pictures and an outstanding post.

Happy birthday, Mr.Tennis (i.e., Dad).

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Happy Birthday "Mr. Tennis"

From your brother from another mother.
"Mr. Decor"