Monday, November 16, 2009

Doggie Disney World

We had such great weather here this weekend so Mr. Tennis and I couldn't pass up the chance to take Panda and Sadie to their version of "the happiest place on earth" - the dog park.

Each time we go there is great excitement in the house with much pacing, panting and a little whining for good measure.  And then the Bostons start acting up too.

We gleefully leap into the car.  Panda sits nicely in the backseat, but Sadie can't contain her excitement and must sit on my lap with her dog breath in my face.  Because the weather was brilliant we went with the windows down and our progress was tracked by one backseat driver and one foul-breathed front seat passenger.

At last we arrive at Fleet Peeples Park in Winter Park.  This is a large fenced-in park, on a lake with dog washing facilities available (a necessity after jumping in the lake and rolling around in the dirt).

The are the usual skirmishes, but for the most part all the dogs seem to get along when they are off-leash.  On-leash seems to trigger territory issues in some dogs (yes, ours) so we take off the leashes as soon as we can.  Then everyone is on more equal footing.

Of course, we have to run security checks.

Perhaps make a new friend.

Or run into someone who looks just like you.

Always keep looking over your shoulder because you never know who might be sneaking up on you.           

Talk about your face-splitting smiles. 

Two tired, dirty, happy beasts.

Besides Fleet Peeples Park, The Bostons have two other favorites:  Fort Desoto Dog Beach in St. Pete,  a beach where dogs and humans can run around off leash, and Paw Park in Sanford where most of the surrounding restaurants are dog friendly.  One park they definitely want to check out:  dog park in the Hollywood Hills in CA where their humans saw more dogs in one place than they thought possible.

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