Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chic and Shabby at Art Angels

When I got an invitation from my RL friend and blogging buddy, Suebee, to attend an open house at the shop where she and her business partner, Kathy, have a booth I was so excited.  This was their first "official" event and they went all out decorating their booth with a Halloween theme.

Here they are:

Kathy is on the left and the famous SueBee is on the right. Two very sophisticated ladies. Kathy designed and made their signature sign that is at the top of this post and hangs above their booth to welcome customers.  Just look at that gorgeous green cabinet behind them!  It is my favorite piece in their booth and I love the way the milk glass just pops against the color of the cabinet.  Take a closer look...

You can see a raven perches on one of the top cabinet doors and a witch sits atop the shelves.  I think I can zoom in closer so you can get a look at that beautiful milk glass...

The black candelabra on top adds drama to the Halloween theme and I love the way the two white pitchers are displayed on small black cake plates surrounded by candy corn.  Can you see the two small black pumpkins?  What a unique touch, especially the one on top of the cabinet.  It is displayed on one of the many pretty "mini" cake plates (like the black ones holding the white pitchers)  that Kathy herself has made.  Was your eye drawn to the two silver candle holders on the left that just drip with lovely cut glass?

The lower area of the cabinet holds even more treats.  Vintage syrup pitchers and lovely old milk bottles.  A delicate pair of women's gloves.  If you look very carefully you will see a seasonal greeting spelled out in the scrabble tiles next to the creepy spider.

Of course there was much more than just my favorite cabinet.  The checkered cloth lining of the pretty picnic basket just makes this eclectic stack of treasures all the more attractive and catches the attention of a browsing customer.

Another cabinet holds a scrabble greeting as well as an old aluminum tray, some perfectly aged silver pieces and an assortment of  glass objects to add some sparkle.

The outside of this cabinet was delightfully decorated with an old whisk broom that has been overtaken by an eight-legged tenant.

Suebee and Kathy have many more pictures of the excitement of the open house over at SueBee and Butterflies.  You will see what some of the other booths look like and be introduced to some of Kathy and SueBee's friends and family members.

Chic and Shabby by Kathy and SueBee is just one of many unique and special booths at Art Angels, located at 5515 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL.  The location is well marked with this sign.

And you will be properly welcomed at the front door by this fella:

If you are in the area, stop by, there are surprises and delights in every nook and cranny.


Orlando Grandma said...

You are a natural at advertising,the U of F would be proud .
Enjoyed the way they have decorated their booth. Great description of the ware. They do have interesting and lovely things. I will pay them visit .

KarenSue said...

OMGoodness! What a good friend you are. You have really made my day.
And your photo's are so beautiful, much better then mine.
Thank you sooooo much!
Hugs to you,

Mr. Connor said...

This looks like you could spend days looking & buying. When I in Orlando this would be on the list !

Mango said...

I am keen to learn of this strange early settlement of Mangos. Please forward information to my peemail;

backupdog AT comcast DOT net


Kathy said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful post! Your pictures are stunning- you do a fabulous job taking photos and telling your(or should I say "our") story! It was so good visiting with you and CG at the Open House!Hope to see you soon!

Sammy said...

That looks amazing!!! So fun!

Simply A Farmer's Wife said...

I love all the milkglass! Love their booth.....

Claudia said...

Your friends have a wonderful space!