Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Tell the Truth

Suzanne from the wonderful blog, Meridian Road, passed this award along to me this week:

I apparently have a rep now for spinning tales.  Thanks Suzanne! I will do my best.  I am to tell five stories about myself that are lies and one that is the absolute truth.  Hmmmmmm.  I have quite a few RL friends and relatives who read this blog who will make this a difficult thing to pull off.  I will reveal the one true thing over the weekend and then pass this award on to a few willing vicitms.


 My first job out of college was working in the art department right here in Orlando at The Orlando Sentinel.  One month I was awarded "Employee of the Month" and got my own parking space for the month and a $1,000 bonus.  I also got to go to lunch with the publisher and rehearsed what I would say to him during lunch for a week.  Of course I said nothing because I was terrified.


I was and still am a Rocker Chick. While growing up in Canada I was not your usual teeny-bopper, David Cassidy-loving, Bobby Sherman-swooning, Donny Osmond-please marry me type.  Because I had brothers who were so much older than me I was exposed early on to The Beatles, The Stones, Creedance.  My good friend, Jane, in Toronto can actually attest to this because she too had older brothers.  She and I would rock out together in her basement with the speakers blasting.  My first concert was an Aerosmith concert in Tampa, Florida when I was in 10th grade - awesome!  In fact, I was the one who introduced my husband to the finer aspects of the rock music world. (Not that HE would ever admit that)


I picked a guy up at Clearwater Beach once.  Junior year of high school.  Beach every weekend  with friends.  I wore glasses, but would take them off at the beach so I would look "cooler", just like I used to in elementary school until my dad found out when he drove by at recess one day.  My friends and I would walk up and down the shoreline looking for action.  One day a really good looking guy started walking with us and was directing most of his conversation towards me.  Little did he know I couldn't even see him (yes, I was guessing he was good looking - hey he TALKED to me didn't he?).  He wanted my phone number and I made him guess it number by number.  He memorized it and called me later that night.  In the course of the conversation he asked me to go out to the movies that Friday night.  I also learned he was 26!  I told him I was 19 (I was 16).  It was my first date.  I told my parents he was a 21 year old college student I'd met at the beach.  Awkward parental meeting.  Awkward date meeting since I HAD to wear my glasses in order to function properly.  He had a moustache and we went to a forgettable Disney movie.  I cannot remember his name, but it's written down somewhere in my journals.  Never saw him again. 


I almost became a professional water skiier!  Those who know me, know I have always been up for anything, especially athletic!  I mastered the sport of snow skiing in my years spent in Canada.  Every winter my parents would take my brothers and I up to one of the many ski resorts in Northern Ontario and we would all hit the slopes.  I started out as a three year old riding on the back of my older brother's skis and eventually graduated to my own little pair.  Several years later I was hitting the big slopes with my brothers.  When my dad retired and we moved to Florida I had to find a different outlet for my love of skiing.  My dad suggested channeling my talents into water skiing.  He had bought a boat and spent many a weekend dutifully towing me behind in my beloved Cypress Garden skiis.  When I met my husband in college I found that we had this sport in common and when we would spend the weekend at his grandfather's lakehouse we honed our skills further.  Gramps would pull us for hours while Mr. Tennis and I would try out new skills and tricks.  He learned to barefoot, but I never could quite do that.  My specialty was jumping the wake and doing a turn in the air.  We even toyed with the idea of trying out for the Sea World Water Skiing squad when we moved to Orlando after college.


Bill O'Reilly is my homeboy.  I cannot get enough of this man!  I find his take on everything from politics to pop culture to be spot on and I DVR his show everyday.  I've read all his books and even stood in line at Border's a couple of years ago to get him to personally sign his latest book at the time.  When I finally got up to the table where he sat, pen in hand, I could only blurt out "I love you Bill, please sign my book".  I had envisioned myself saying something so totally witty that he would surely engage me in a memorable conversation that he would then refer to during one of his shows.  I just find that he puts perfectly into words my thoughts no matter what the situation or subject.


In my lifetime I have owned 6 cats, 4 dogs, 38 hamsters, 3 rabbits, 2 hedgehogs, 1 tortoise, 1 green iguana, 5 hermit crabs, 2 birds,  and countless fish.  That's why I wanted to study Zoology in college, but switched to Advertising after realizing I was in with all the pre-med students and would never survive the "weed-out" courses.

So, there you have it!  Everything you always wanted to know about me.  BUT...... which one is the truth?  Take your best guess and I will give you the truth this weekend.  And no peeking at the comments until you've posted!  Some of you know me better than others - or do you?????


Sammy said...

Oh boy...that is difficult! There are a lot of details in ALL those stories...the only one I am not even considering is the Bill O'Reilly one haha. I am going to go for the beach babe one...just because I LOOOOOOVE imagine it being true!

eggzachary said...

The Orlando Sentinel one seems like it is the only one that could be true... but I thought you worked in the Classifieds. Eh, I'll stick with that anyway.

KarenSue said...

I think number 2. I'm not sure why but I do. I can see almost all of them having some truth in them.

centerofgravity said...

Okay, I'm going to go with the water skiing. At that time in your youth anything could seem possible.

The Boston Lady said...

Welcome to the comment section of my blog "Centerofgravity". Thanks for joining the speculation.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I have no idea! It could be the guy on the beach,but as for the others~I'm really stumped.

gina3 said...

No idea but I'm guessing 3 or 6 just for fun.

katie @ the copper coconut said...

Oh goodness! I think #2 or #6? I have NO idea! Great job!

Orlando Grandma said...

I choose #2.
#5 could apply to me, ha ha.