Friday, October 1, 2010

Self Portrait

Well, this was the hardest Friday Photo Challenge, sponsored by RAZMATAZ,
for me thus far, especially since I do not like my picture being taken.  While I plotted to somehow take a crazy picture of myself to represent who I am, I realized my appearance has little to do with "self" and that my "portrait" would be more of a Picasso-style vision, such as this:

My true portrait would have to have so many elements from so many people who have been in my life.  I can't possibly touch on them all, but I will give a small sampling of "who" has contributed to my "self".

Well, I look a lot like my father.  I realized that when I did a special birthday post remembering his birthday and I ran across this picture of us together:

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I was stunned when I saw how my 19 year old self looked like his 59 year old self.  Not only do I have many of his physical features, but I share his quick Scot temper and pursuit of perfection. And that ruddy Scottish complexion.  Also, a love for learning new things and talking a lot the older I get.

My mother.

My younger brother resembles her most, but I like to think I learned kindness and empathy from her. Also a love for nature and beautiful flowers. I'm a better person because of her. I do think I may have her hair. Although we do not look alike, I try to be most like her.

After my parents there are three people who most influenced my "self".  Perhaps even contributing to my "portrait" since it has evolved so much since they have come into my life.

My husband:

Us, circa 1980

He helped me become the adult version of myself.  He has always accepted me as I am, and although this picture captures us early in our relationship, I think it shows us as we are today as well. (without overalls and 80s glasses, of course).

My Son:
Here he is with Sammy.  They are a great team!

My son, The Writer, was my first born. I thought I had a lot to teach him and form his "self", but he has taught me much in his young life. Chase your dreams and to never give up. He and Sammy moved from Florida to LA after they graduated from college. Yep, they just packed up and drove out there! They believed in themselves enough to pursue their dreams. It's taken hard work, some flack from those who don't understand and TIME. But, The Writer is living life on his terms after paying some dues. My "self" wishes she had had the nerve!

My Daughter:

Preparing for our epic car trip this summer

My daughter, The Maven meets every challenge life throws her way head-on.  When she gets thrown a life-altering curveball, she still swings the bat,  makes a run for first base and usually makes the homerun.  Her persistence and resilience are inspiring.  She has taught me strength against adversity. Oh, and that laughter is a miracle cure.

My good friends, who know who they are, I hope.  Although a varied lot, you have excelled  as examples of how I should look, act, conduct myself, and then laugh at myself.  You all know who you are. From childhood through middle-age (ugh) you have sustained me with your humor, good sense, and willing ear.  It's the only reason I don't look worse than I do!  Good friends are good for the complexion, you know.

My Self-Portrait: 

Taken yesterday, accompanied by a huge blooper reel, since I couldn't figure out where to look and the camera would focus on itself instead of me - isn't that always the way?

Thanks to Chania for another week of reflection through her challenge.
P.S. I don't know what those white boxes are around some of the text and pics.  Sorry.
P.P.S.  Anyone still wanting to guess the "real me" needs to check out my previous blog entry!  The big reveal is on Sunday


Olive Cooper said...

Great to learn more about you. Those we love do shape us and you do look like your dad. This was a hard challenge. I did not attempt photos of myself...I am a big chicken. hugs♥O

Jacqueline said...

A bit of a tapestry aren't we?

Razmataz said...

What a great take on this challenge. I loved seeing all the people who make you you.

I LOVED that picture of you mum with her full skirt and the washing on the line...gorgeous.

Jo said...

Hey,I enjoyed this post,and great pictures too!

E. Charlotte said...

Thank you for that story! :) It's amazing how many people influence who we are. Love the pictures!

oldgreymare said...

Well done, a perfect response to the challenge. What more can I say?


Kit said...

Wonderful post! And you and your family look great! Kit

KarenSue said...

You are so good at this writing thing. I'm impressed! I know you now and feel so glad you are a part of my life.
Thanks friend!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ah there's the lovely lady I know. Where is the blooper reel though? :)

I also would like to say "How clever are you?" Becoming the 1st metis follower. How did you find the blog. Secret powers? :)

Orlando Grandma said...

And there is much much more about you kid. Great ya

Sammy said...

I hope you know we could never have survived out here chasing our dreams if it wasn't for you and mister tennis' constant encouragement and support.

PS-I think you got a haircut, and it looks great!

Alan said...

It's an honor to be a part of the wonderful composite that is the Boston Lady.