Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hampergate and a Desk Chair!

Bumby knows a good thing when she sees it.  This was a fun and much needed find at the thrift store 10 days ago.  It is a wicker hamper to replace an ugly plastic one Mr. Tennis and I have used for our gym/tennis clothes.  Since it has always sat in our room, it was quite the obvious eyesore.

Now, the view is much better:

Except for the random white thing beside it, it looks quite nice.  How do I know I bought it 10 days ago?  Well, I was with my friend, CG and told her it would take Mr. T awhile to notice it, even though it was big and he had to walk past it several times a day.  Thus started "Hampergate".  I would give her random updates and we eagerly awaited "tennis night" last Tuesday because we knew he would have to toss his tennis clothes in there for sure that night.  Alas, the wiley Mr. Tennis deviated from schedule and put his tennis gear on top of the washer.  Last night was the night.  He noticed and ever the cool character that he is, only commented "Thought I might have a cobra spring out at me from that".  I notified CG immediately that "Hampergate" was officially closed and we had a new record of 10 days. (We apparently lead very exciting lives)

So now we are on to "Candlegate" which has also entered day 10.  In kitchen. Has to pass by them multiple times throughout the day. Not on the radar.  He's a good sport!

Best find of the week or the past weekend, I should say, is a desk chair for my "new" desk.

It's not exactly what I was looking for, but I liked the look of the wood right away and it was very comfortable to sit in.

I touched it up with  my finish restorer and added some wheels to add height and mobility.  Hope to find some better looking wheels down the road, but for now I'm a happy camper.

I even found a comfy cushion that goes with my color "scheme" in my office area.

Oh, and the chair in the background?  It was a "two-fer". Two chairs for the price of one.  A real deal sealer.  The second one is in a little rougher shape and will require some sanding, perhaps painting and I will use it as a side chair.

And look at this seal on the back of the first chair.

Sikes Co., Inc.
Buffalo, NY

I googled this name and was led to a wonderful website that chronicles the history of the company.  The website seems to be put together by family members who are seeking information into the history of the family business.  I saw many chairs that look like mine.  Mine seems to be considered a dining chair.  I saw many of my "dream" swivel desk chairs on this site, so they are out there.  If you are interested in looking at this site please click here.  It's quite informative and I'm excited that I have a chair with some history!

And thanks to another friend, CC, who wandered around for hours with me, thought to bring her SUV and helped me tote my chairs home!


Simply A Farmer's Wife said...

Love the chairs!!! So glad you found something you like.

Orlando Grandma said...

Thinking about it I know who Mr Tennis inherited that trait from. Do you remember how long it took me to realize I was riding in your new car? Can't much blame the fellow, it is part of his DNA.
I like the chair and hamper.

Amber said...

love the chairs and the home candles those are to cute!

Mr. Connor said...

Not noticing new things is a trait that a LOT of males have "inherited. " CAN't wait to try out the chairs ~ look very nice.

Olive Cooper said...

"Hampergate" is too funny! That chair is a great find!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I am chuckling as I appear to have the same model as yours.

The chair is divine.