Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Real Truth, It's a Shocker!

I accepted this award and the challenge issued with it to state six things about myself - only one being the truth.  Offline I have had people begging me to tell them,  I have kept mum, but will now reveal the awful truth about The Boston Lady.  If you need a refresher on the creative and possibly true things I said, please click here.


The only story that was an outright lie.  There was not one word of truth in it, sorry Bill.  But of course, I mean no offense to anyone who may be a big fan of his. (The Boston Lady, the diplomat)


Second least truthful, but probably most unlikely.  I DID ski on the backs of my brother's skis when I was about 4. Tried it a couple of times on kiddie skis, but was usually terrified and never made it off the bunny slope.  My dad DID have a boat, I did nothing more adventures behind it than climb up the ladder from the water.  Gramps DID pull his boat for hours on his lake.  I got up on skis a couple of times, but didn't like it - too fast.  Mr. Tennis and his brothers all were excellent water skiers and probably could have worked as such at Sea World or Cypress Gardens.  And Mr. T could barefoot. (One note: I did in my early efforts to impress my then BF, Mr. T, ride on his shoulders while he skied.  Looking at me know, you'd never believe it!)


This one was mostly true but for two lies.  I worked in the Advertising Department of The Orlando Sentinel, not the Art Dept.  I DID receive Employee of the Month, but only got a $100 bonus.  I still have the sign from my parking space and the newspaper clipping of the announcement and I DID practically remained tongue-tied throughout the special lunch.


The only part of this that wasn't true was some of the numbers and types of pets I have owned.  The hamster number is shockingly correct when you factor in the many offspring our hamsters produced (unintentional incidents on our part). One rabbit was ours and no hedgehogs ever lived with us, although we did have a green iguana named "Hitch". All other animals and numbers are correct.  I did enter college as a Zoology major, but couldn't hack competing with the Pre-Med students and switched to Advertising.

So..... That brings us down to number two and number 3.  I found that a number of my readers secretly wished that number three was the truth, but seemed to convince a good number that the second story was correct.


Well, let me put it this way, I had Bobby Sherman posters plastered on my walls in Elementary school, was a faithful devotee of The Patridge Family and was mad at my mother when she wouldn't let me go to an Osmond concert. BUT, my first concert was Aerosmith.  I had NO IDEA what I was going to see.  Gary Wright opened for them and my friend and I liked his "Dream Weaver" song.  My husband introduced me to the finer aspects of rock music after my good friend Jane gave up when I wouldn't listen to her Creedance albums.  Now I love CCR!  But I will always be a Top 40 gal at heart.

So, you gals who secretly wished I had a wild streak were right! Some were skeptical that my parents would allow a 16 year old to go out with a "21 year old" (remember he was really 26), but I had pleaded, begged, cried (especially after my dad said, "well if Ann wants to go out with some guy she picked up on the beach, she should" - he made it sound so sordid - if he only knew that I had lied about the age!  It never would have happened), they relented with the condition that he come in for a chat first.  Awkward 20 minutes of interrogation by my father - I was sure the real age would come up. To my children (who are now adults, but probably never thought their mother would be so deceitful or had any fun as a teen), I never should have lied, but I was a teenager and sometimes we do foolish things when we are that age.  Truth be told, I was scared, nervous and all the subterfuge was not worth it.  I thought he'd never called me after our date, but about a week later, my dad said, "oh, hey, I forgot, that guy called you a couple of days ago".  No, he did not get his number so I could return the call.  I think my dad was a lot smarter than I gave him credit for - I wonder what he said to my first date during that phone call?   Hmmmmmm.  Oh, and I remembered his name, Bill.  Bill something. So, Bill something, thanks for giving a teenage girl the thrill of her young life.  And to my parents, I'm sorry I lied. Bad girl.

So there you have it!  Thanks Suzanne for a fun and creative exercise and the chance to prove that I can still shock friends, family and complete strangers.  Check out what Suzanne will be doing for the next several weeks, click here. She Da Man!

I will only pass this "award" onto people who request it as I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea, but thanks for reading mine!


Sammy said...

That made my day! That is just the best story :]

eggzachary said...


Orlando Grandma said...

I could have sworn I heared something about you and your friend in Canada dancing in the basement. Well the real story sounds like more fun.

Sue said...

I missed all of the "stories". So before I read your new blog post, I went back and read the first one. I was right, I guessed Bill!!!

Take care, Sue

PS My favorite person in the whole world, Ruthie, lives in Clearwater!

Linda said...

Love it, Ann! I thought it was going to be the pets!

Alan said...

Who's Bill?

Mr. Connor said...

What a story. Glad I watched from a distance on this . I do have a very long history with The Boston Lady !

centerofgravity said...

That is just too funny, you deceitful person you. How will I ever be able to trust you again? :-) I'm still laughing over this one.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Oh, that is funny! The things we do when we're teenagers.