Monday, October 4, 2010

Drill, Baby, Drill!

I have shamelessly used a provacative title to draw interest to my recent post.  Welcome to anyone who came because they thought I would discuss politics, please hang around for the rest of the post.  But...I don't do politics on my blog, so the drilling I refer to has to do with this picture:

I was over in Tampa last week visiting my brother and he pulled these out to show me.

  The U-shaped drill brace belonged to our father and the straight, crazy rusted one belonged to our grandfather - our father's father!  It is probably almost 100 years old!

Take a look, you lovers-of-all-that-is-rusty:

My favorite picture is of the drill bits.  I guess I am not that well-versed in the various types that are available on the "new fangled" electric drills, but I found these to be extraordinary.  We have only owned an electric drill in this house and the bits are quite different than these.

I especially like the adjustable one:

We are interested in knowing any information from those out in the blogoshere who might be more familiar with the history behind these tools.  We can google and we have, but I know there are a lot of people out there who may have more specific knowledge than we can pick up off of a search engine.



Claudia said...

Those old tools are wonderful. How nice that you have them and that they have a family history.


Orlando Grandma said...

I have seen drills like those in my house in Atalaya.Can not comment on them since I was not allowed to get near them "you may get hurt"

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

And here I thought it was a recap of last night's MM. That Don Draper, no secretary stands a chance.

Oh and the tools, well they're fab.

Linda said...

These are wonderful! I remember my dad using a hand drill, but nothing old like this! Love the adjustable piece, too!

Jake of Florida said...

I'll have to show my husband this post -- he loves old tools.

In a recent comment, you mentioned a needlepoint wire fox terrier in a shop in Orlando. I have a few pillows, so I wonder if it might be the same. If you send me the name of the shop, I'll ask if they could e-mail me a photo. e-mail: