Monday, October 18, 2010

Ladder, Meet Books. Books, Meet Ladder.

While trying to access some elusive item in my attic last week I came upon the ladder that my kids each used when it was their turn to have a loft bed in their bedrooms.

Hmmmmm.  I've been trying to come up with a solution for the pile of books I usually keep on the bottom shelf of my night table.  It's my "must read" stack and it's always a mess.

Took the hooks off of the top of the ladder.  Removed numerous stickers. Applied my handy Restore-a-Finish which has come in handy for just about any wood surface that needs sprucing up in my house. Put ladder on top of side table in bedroom and I think it makes a pleasant alternative to another bookcase.

I've seen many blogs showing different ways to utilize old ladders, so I thank once again all those creative people out there for giving me an idea of how to "re-purpose" another thing in my house.

And, what am I reading, you ask?  Nothing terribly earth shattering, but worthy as a page turner: 

I've read a good number by this author and this is one of his first published novels.  He wrote an interesting forward to this book twenty years after he wrote it and warns the reader not to read it if it's their first time reading one of his novels.  Since I have some "experience" with his books, I thought I'd give one of his fledgeling efforts a try and so far, I like it.

In the space of twenty years our lives change so drastically.  Just think back to where you were 20 years ago...


Kit said...

Ooooo, looks great! I just love old ladders! Kit

Sue said...

The ladder looks awesome displayed in your home! Love it. I so wish I could sit down and read. I have trouble concentrating, my brain never shuts down and I tend to be a bit wired. Thus, I really MISS being able to sit down in the afternoon with a good book!

Take care, Sue

Linda said...

I have one of those old bunk bed ladders up the rafters...think I might need to go find it!

KarenSue said...

Great idea! And I need to try your some of your Restore-a-Finish stuff.
You know me and reading

Mr. Connor said...

Great idea & looks great. Guess it could go back to being a ladder in needed?

Orlando Grandma said...

It is good to find a use for a piece of turniture that was so much part of your house hold. It looks good and so useful.

Karena said...

I love the ladder bookcase idea!! I love to read and books are overflowing everywhere!!

Art by Karena

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Love the ladder. Big money in the PB catalog. :)

Love Panda with the pumpkin even more.

We carved a weiner dog jack o lantern last year. Love it!

Ok, Betty Draper Francis has LOST it. Can you believe she fired the sweet nanny.
I would totally hire Carmen. Carla?