Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awards Season is in Full Swing - even here!

I have been making some great friends via the blogosphere, visiting places (virtually) that I never would have been able to go, seeing things (some shocking!) I never would have seen otherwise.  Unless you blog, it's hard to understand the camaraderie that can develop between bloggers and the friendships that form.

The "Boscars"

I was going to start my lead up to my very own salute to the Academy Awards with my own take via The Boscars - Boston Lady style (see top of sidebar), but that will have to wait because a much more prestigious award event has taken place here just in the last week.

I have been the fortunate recipient of

from two, yes, two! Fellow bloggers who I have just met in the last couple of months!  

Thank you so much to my new friend, Debbie at Simply Debbie. Please stop by and see her funny stories and inspirational messages.

And thank you also to another new blogging friend who isn't even human, but rather a cat!  Check out Blair, the tortie-colored cat's take on life, but be warned, they don't call her Bad Blair, for nothing!  She has even tried to encourage Miss Darcy and some of her naughty behavior!

So the rules to accepting this award is to mention who I received this award from - done!

Then tell my readers 7 things about myself - here we go:

1.  I've been married almost 30 years! Yikes!

2.  I've ridden a camel in the desert in Morocco.

3.  I've been through every lock in the Panama Canal while on board a Japanese freighter.

4.  I've owned six cats and I'm allergic to cats.  I don't care!

5.  I'm afraid of heights and froze in place several yards from the edge of the Grand Canyon. And cried. Like a baby.

6.  I hate hot weather, yet I live in Florida.

7.  My childhood wish was to be a dolphin trainer or work at a zoo (well, I live in a zoo, so that kind of worked out).

Last rule is to pass this award on to other bloggers I enjoy visiting.  I know there are mixed feelings about receiving these awards so I would like to just mention some of my favorite blogs so you may visit them and enjoy their content and the talent of their authors.

Besides Bad Blair and Simply Debbie mentioned above, I encourage any interested parties to stop by and take a look at these fun and amazing bloggers:

Sue owns a terrific store in Olde Town Orange, CA called Country Road Antiques.  She posts pictures from her store (and her life outside the store sometimes) almost everyday.  The booths are fantastic, I know because I stopped by when I was out there last year.  Plus she's got the cutest grandchildren on the planet!

 This lady is funny, funny, smart and has an amazing take on life.  Not to mention the most fascinating and unique home. Oh, and she too has the cutest grandchildren on the planet!

You will love Annie and her family, including newborn, Ollie.  Annie is Janie's daughter and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to style, humor and honesty.

This is Sammy's blog.  She is my son's GF and he is a lucky guy because he gets to eat all the wonderful food she features on her blog.  She likes to highlight a wide variety of recipes and takes great pictures with a related story to each one she tries. Yum!

Miss Darcy is my "Grandkitty" and she is a new blogger who is "living the life" in an off-campus apartment with my daughter, The Maven, the college student.  Gotta put a plug in for her!

 I couldn't leave out my good RL friend who introduced me to this crazy/fun blogging world.  She's got an eye for style especially when it comes to the thrift and/or vintage stores.  She is my junking-guru!

Linda is a well-known blogger and has fantastic style and talent.  She always takes the time to respond when you leave her a comment and is a faithful follower of mine, I''m proud to say.  She also has the cutest Pugs, Sophie and Bailey.

 Mango's blog is the one I always stop by and look at because this funny, "Relentlessly Huge" Mastiff (helped by his Momma and Dexter, his brother the Labradude)  has the most hilarious adventures and I can always count on laughing when I read him. Caution - he is a DOG afterall and dog-humor ensues.

My list could go on and on and my sidebar tells the story on my blog roll.  I like a good variety of different topics and that is certainly reflected there.

Whew, I've said a lot today. 

Thanks again Debbie and Blair!

Boston Lady out!


Mango said...

Dog humor. Is there any other kind? You cried like a baby at the grand canyon? So not cool, but certainly made it a memorable trip, right? Stunning photo up top.


Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Your welcome Ann, I was so very interested in learning about you. I agree that blogging is strange to those who don't blog. I am very glad to have you as a friend

Linda said...

Awww, are so sweet! Thank you so much, friend! I loved learning those facts about you~ you rode a camel?!

Janie Fox said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! I feel so unworthy...I can't live up to the person you think I am! haha You rode on a camel, that's wild. I am scared of heights too. If anyone wanted a secret outta me they could get it by hanging me out a window. I don't know any secrets though, just sayin.

Mr. Connor said...

Congratulations ! I guess I shall spend the day looking at all the other bloggers you mentioned.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Well deserved.

Make sure you visit Metis today. It is right up your alley.

The Thuglets said...

Congratulations on your award!

Great stuff we got to learn more about you. We will paw over and check out the friends you have award it to...we only know Mango!LOL

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx