Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and Thanks to Linda!

I have been so fortunate to meet a really nice friend over the blogosphere - Linda, from  Itsy Bits & Pieces, please stop by and take a look at her blog.

 She and her daughter have a very diverse collection of items for sale in their shop.
Linda has been stopping by and leaving me encouraging comments for a while now.  She is a dog lover, like me (although, I know, I am a Cat Lover by birth) and has two sweet Pugs who share her busy life up in chilly Minnesota.  Linda is a master at finding vintage treasures and memorabilia -  well, just great stuff in general.

A couple of weeks ago Linda told me she had sent me a special package of things that reminded her of me. She has been a great supporter of my posts highlighting the various animal characters who enrich my life.  I was so excited when her package arrived in the mail.  I couldn't imagine what it would contain!

Linda has paid great attention to my various posts about pets in our past and present.
She remembered that our first dog was a German Shepherd named Ziggy and included these cards in the packet.

She knows that the Boston's room has a sign above it "Chien Lunatique" and included a french playing card - did she know I was born in Montreal??  She probably did!

She knows that our California Canine, Stanley, is a Greyhound and sent this fantastic old Bingo card!

Not to mention, Linda remembered the cats in our life!  Including little Darcy, The Maven's Kitten.

Of course the highlight are the vintage Boston Terrier playing cards and the sweet, vintage Valentine featuring a Boston that you see at the top of the blog.

I did my best to put together a collage with the wonderful things she sent me, including old game peices (dogs, of course) and various dog breed playing cards.

Linda this is such a special gift and I can't tell you how happy I was to receive all the items and then find a way to display them appropriately!

You are a treasure as is my new piece that I have added to my Boston shelf which I look at everyday as I sit at my computer and work and blog.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends in the Real World and the Blogosphere!


Linda said...

Ann, you are SO sweet! What a nice post~ thank you so much! I LOVE your collage- the "DOG" word across the free space was so cute! I always enjoy reading your blog! So glad you enjoyed the goodies!!

Claudia said...

Linda is a sweetheart! What a wonderful package of special treats.


Mr. Connor said...

Wow ! What a surprise and what a wonderful treat ! All the four legged folks have a very special place .

KarenSue said...

Oh my! I knew Linda was nice but not this nice!LOL!!! I'm really not surprised at all. But I also know you deserve a surprise because you are sooooooo nice too!
Don't forget Wednesday.....

Chatty Crone said...

What a nice gift for Valentines Day glad you had a good one.