Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stay Warm Our Northern Friends and I Love Candles!

They make me feel safe, secure and bring a warmth to our home that just makes me feel good.

I picked up this sweet angel before Christmas at "Art Angels" here in Orlando.  She was a steal at $4 and I've kept her out because she's so beautiful, even beyond Christmas.

I light them year-round, except for this IKEA chandelier, because if the air conditioning is on, the candle flames get blown out or they become very uneven. So I've been lighting them a lot this winter!

This is the one item I love most that I have ever purchased at IKEA.  Haven't lots of luck with their beds, but I have two great dressers and this chandelier.  I love that I can have candles and light together or one or the other on their own. I also really like the simplistic style and the price - $50! It will come with me when I move...

It must be why I also love an outdoor fire - it's just cozy and homey.  Don't hate me, but it was 80 degrees (I know!) here today, so no outside fire, but I could still light my favorite candles inside.

Warm thoughts to all of you who have had tremendous snow and freezing temps this week.  It's amazing that we all live in the same country!


Olive Cooper said...

I love that chandy. We cannot have candles at the old house for we might burn it down and we rarely use them at the yellow house. I must buy some for that house. I would love to see 80 but we do not have snow so I am grateful. I put you on my roll so I can kepp up with you better♥♥♥

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh! it was 80 here on Sunday---wish it were now!
Though we're not getting any snow, we are getting some freezing temps and the wind is biting! Our water lines in the bathroom are frozen...and I need a shower! Wahhhaaaaa!!

I love your chandy-- I like candles too. We're burning the wood stove to keep warm but I've been burning a few candles too-- because them SEEM TO ADD to the warmth with their soft glow.



Angela said...

The snow missed us here in West Virginia. We just got rain with this storm, but Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet I'm sure! lol

Love the light! That would be perfect for my mom. Too bad Ikea is a good 8 hour drive from where I live!

Have a Great Day!

Chatty Crone said...

I have never been to IKEA, but there is one here and I need to go.

Are you worried at all about the candles being so close to the ceiling - I loved that!


Linda said...

I love candlelight and fires...can't wait to have the firepit lit again...right now it's buried under three feet of snow LOL!

LuLu and Wally said...

Thanks for the warm wishes. It's terribly cold here. That firepit sure looks cozy right now!

Mr. Connor said...

Pretty darn cool ! Alway a nice smell that goes with candles. A CHANDY for all reasons / seasons ~ with 2 power sources !

Nanniepannie said...

Last year was the first time I walked into Ikea and it was in Orlando. I fell in love. I told my sister, who I was shopping with. Who needs theme parks...THIS is my idea of an adult theme park.

Sammy said...

love that chandelier too! where are you moving to? :]....

The Thuglets said...

Oh fabulous...she (our hooman)loves candles here! But and its BIG BUT...

There was the New Years Eve where the dining room set alight!
the day the bonfire where she set everything on fire outside including the 40 ft of hosepipe to put it out!

No NO NO.......not allowed here.

But look terrific with you.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx