Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Randomness at Boston Manor

Lately my mind has been going in a thousand directions at once. But today, PE Day (Post Exam Day), I feel pretty relaxed.  The Maven stopped by last night to drop off a couple of things on her way to the beach for a couple of days with her old roommate.

She was upbeat, happy and felt that exams went well and is ready for the last week before walking at graduation.

I took a few shots around the house last night as I relaxed.

These little bottle brush trees are "my thing" this year.  I've enjoyed putting them here and there.

At the suggestion of a fellow blogger I brought out my parent's old Hudson's Bay blanket to perk up the sofa as well as a "Christmasy" one I found at the thrift.  I know, I know, wool blankets and Florida don't mix, but at night they have a cozy feel.  

The best thing hanging up around here now is something The Maven brought by last night.

Yes, I realize I will have to iron it. Or she will...

She asked me to hang it up so the wrinkles would ease out. 
It's all coming together just as it should.

Oh, yes, and Darcy is home for the holidays....

And making herself right at home...

... as usual.


Karena said...

Oh I know the feeling when so much is on your mind!!

I adore your angel vignette!

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Art by Karena

Karena said...
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Mr. Connor said...

All set for the graduation ~YEAH ! Ms. Darcy is right in the middle of it. Chilly nights ~ you will be glad you have the Hudson Bay Blanket.

Sue said...

The graduation will go just fine. I hope everyone can relax more when it is over! I have a cat, Sparky, as I may have told you that SO reminds me of your Darcy! Something special about those tabbies!!

Take care, Sue

Razmataz said...

I swear cats can tell a real wool blanket a mile away..mine lays on it all day.

Love the HB Blanket....those are the best colours...the original ones.

Hope The Maven enjoys a well deserved few days at the beach.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Miss Darcy looks really pretty against these vivid colours, on the blanket!
Nice to hear she's back and making herself at home for Christmas!

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Graduation oh my goodness. That is so exciting! I have one more year til I can finally have that wonderful day too. We hope that you have a wonderful christmas season. We only wish that we didn't need blankets here, but its only going to get colder. Thank goodness for electric blankets!

centerofgravity said...

I'm so proud of The Maven and her accomplishments. I know she must be feeling very relieved to have it all behind her and to have such a great weight lifted from her shoulders and yours and Mr. T's, too, I suspect. Hope the weather warms up enough to enjoy the beach but even the beach on our colder winter days is still a great place to relax and take in some sun and fresh air. A much deserved reward for all of her hard work and determination. Kudos to all of you.

I like the blankets and trees and Darcy, too, of course.

The Thuglets said...

Everything is starting to look so christmassie! Extra exciting with graduation looming!

Love the photos of Sadie and Panda.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Chatty Crone said...

Everything looks so nice and peaceful - ready for Christmas and graduation!

Love your home all so cozy and wonderful that is why Darcy likes it.

Hey - put the gown in your bathroom where you take a shower and the wrinkles may come out!

Love, sandie

Linda said...

Oh that graduation gown is looking great! Love your decorations...such wonderful blankets and the great blackboard....and you can never have enough bottle brush trees!

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Kit said...

Oh you must be so excited! Congrats to your daughter. And I love the pics of your home! Kit