Wednesday, December 14, 2011


You all would be proud of the restraint I showed when called for the third week in a row to be informed that our re-roof will be delayed because of rain.  After all it isn't the fault of the young lady who coordinates all the supply deliveries and work crews that we have had rainy weather the past few weeks.

I can only imagine some of the reactions she gets when she has to tell people things aren't going to happen in the time-frame they are expecting.

Fortunately we have no active leaks, so the delay is only an inconvenience of the mind. "Let's get this done!" is what has been going through our heads for weeks now.

Fortunately we have happy events too make us less cranky and I told the young woman to please not worry or stress about having to call me with a delay.  We are lucky to be having our new roof put on with the help of our insurance company.

We are also lucky that in two days we will have a college graduate, in 6 days The Writer will celebrate his 27th birthday in LA and in 10 days the newlyweds will be here for Christmas. That we are all healthy and will be able to enjoy getting together for so many good reasons is so much more important than a silly new roof.

(But, please let it be done next week!)


Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Did the college graduate send out announcements? You know she has an uncle that pays cold, hard cash for stuff like that. :)

Love the reluctant reindeers.

Razmataz said...

Lots of joy without the roof...although you will feel better once it's done so you know for sure your leak is a thing of the past.

Our Florida leak damage has just been floor in the hallway, new drywall around fridge and repairs to the ceiling.....4K worth of work...we didnt want to go through insurance since we had only had our policy 3 weeks....and the first one with a USA company.....

Karena said...

So much going on in the next two weeks!! PS I love Laura's comment!

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Mr. Connor said...

Sounds like there is going to be enough going on that the folks doing the roof would feel left out that THEY were not the center of attraction.

CONGRATS to the graduate ~ YEAH !

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Yippee! Congrats to your daughter!
So many things to be grateful for, and you have the right attitude when it comes to the roof repair, I think.

I'll bet the young woman you spoke to about the roof, was grateful for your kind words as well, Ann.

You have more precipitation than we do I think.
It hasn't snowed for weeks, and I'm wondering if we'll have a "brown" Christmas.

It is nice to hear things are going well, despite the lack of repairs.

Chatty Crone said...

She is graduating! She must be so very happy.

I sure do hope you get your roof soon. Lovely home.


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Yay! to the Graduate...
and yes! where is your new roof?

We're getting (much needed) rain right now! Makes me think of y'all! ...hope you get your roof soon


Orlando Grandma said...

I's looking forwards to the Graduation Ceremony, I'm so proud of you Wendy, congrats to all.
Busy end of the year, roof or not roof.

Linda said...

Hope they get the roof done for you soon! Sadie and Panda are too cute!