Wednesday, April 4, 2012

36 Hours Without Internet/Cable - Good or Bad?*

I never realized how dependent I was on, well both of them, but especially the cable.

Yes, I had my phone, but I couldn't watch "my" shows Tuesday night.  I consider that "my" night to catch up on such things as "Dancing with the Stars" (it's okay, I found out who was voted off!).  
It wasn't just TV stuff, it was my email, and I had another blog post planned.

To our cable/internet provider's credit, they overnighted the device to restore our connections.  I should add that it isn't just my petty TV schedule and blog that were affected, but Mr. Tennis' business connections were disrupted - certainly more important.
 I sound really selfish at this point.

So... what did I do with "my" time Tuesday night?

Hmmmm, I had a couple books downloaded on my Kindle.
 Of course, I also have "real" books at my disposal too!  I hardly suffered. 
 But Mr. T, who was playing tennis, lol, said to use his ipad.  It had connections through 3G, whatever that is, (yes I will now find out!) So I did.

I watched a French movie version of a novel I had read and I loved it!

I probably wouldn't have done that if I hadn't been "desperate". 
 An avid book reader is never "desperate" for entertainment, but I was surprised how out of sync I felt when all my "cyber comforts" were gone. My old self would have been mortified at my lack of imagination.

That being said, I did not turn to a regular, hands-on book, I started my next Kindle book download.  So, really I hardly had a total cyber-holiday

. Why did I feel so out of sync?

In retrospect,  I say, 36 hours without internet/cable is a good thing....but really, I had every technological convenience at my fingertips nonetheless. I think I have been inspired to take a holiday from it all at some point.

And yes, we were up and running tonight in time to watch my spring staple,
American Idol - Go Phillip Phillips!

Can't help it - I'm a fan. But even avid fans need to break away...

I think that time is coming....

*See that asterisk at the top?  That means I am totally aware of the shallowness of this post.
Does that mean my life is shallow?
Not necessarily, but I'm sure by many standards it may seem that way.
I truly realize that Mr. T needs the connection more than I.
He realizes that I "like" the connection and therefore hustled to make sure my needs were met. After 31 years, he knows what to do!

Thanks Mr. Tennis for hustling to get things up and running again for your "queen".


centerofgravity said...

I can identify about the no internet commection. I often feel that way when I'm on vacation. The cable I don't miss since I don't have it to begin with. I'm one of only two people I know without it. Lol. Books are good, too. Glad to know you are up and running again.

Mr. Connor said...

Book / books are the paper things ~ not Kindle ? Very upsetting to lose these connections but we might be able to get along with out them if we try real hard ~ HAH ! HAH !

Chatty Crone said...

Amen - this week of vacation is full of mixed feelings. sandie

The Social Worker said...

I think cruises are excellent ways of escaping! Except what we escape from is then replaced by eating...

The Social Worker said...

I think cruises are excellent ways of escaping! Except what we escape from is then replaced by eating...