Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life Turns On a Dime

We all know that.  This week we, as a family have experienced it over and over again.

The news looks good, but Mr. Tennis is in the hospital and needs some special vibes from  our friends in blogland.  

I don't usually go public with such things, but I know how the blogworld community and internet community can come together and fight for the people they "know" through this special outlet.

Our internet connection has been iffy this week, on top of everything else, but I will make sure to do an update by Saturday.

Mr. Tennis is in fighting mode and The Boston Lady and family are right there beside him pulling punches.

Thanks my friends.


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh my friend~

I am praying for You and for you LOVE that he will pull through this!
I'm glad that you have let your bloggy friends know. That is part of the reason we are a community- for times like this.

Know that God is Sovereign in ALL things!

Razmataz said...

Oh my goodness, how awful that Mr.T is in hospital. Of course I shall send good vibes and prayers and all the best wishes I can muster for healing and a speedy recovery to him and strength and courage for you and the family.

KarenSue Farash said...

Let me know what I can do for you. Take care of that nice man of yours.

Mr. Connor said...

Good Vibes coming your way as always. If anything is needed speak out ~ WE WILL take care of it.Fingers & toes crossed and have been talking to those above for good things to come.

Val said...

Oh, no, I hope everything comes out okay! Will be thinking of both of you. *HUGS!!!*

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Call or email me STAT!

Keeping you in prayer dear ones!

Chatty Crone said...

You area in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh - I hate this - if you need anything let me know. sandie