Wednesday, August 1, 2012

House Hunters LA Rentals, Boston Lady Style

Bumby survived the trip quite well, but she and Stanley the Greyhound need to take it slow - "hurry out here Darcy", says Bumby, "I need a familiar furface!"

We arrived at Sammy and The Writer's house late Monday night and stayed up until about 3am EST.  We try to do that our first night, that way we usually sleep in on LA time and it seems to cut down on time it takes to adjust to the time difference.

We met our lovely and very capable realtor, Martina, about 1:30 in the afternoon to start looking at rental possibilities. 

Martina, leading the charge - she was amazing!

 We had hemmed and hawed about hiring a real estate pro to help us look, but it turned out that it was money well spent and time saved.  Martina had 11 properties lined up for us to look at that first afternoon.  The question was, would Mr. Tennis hold up to all that house hunting, not his favorite thing.

With Martina driving and giving us background information on the areas we were looking in we headed off into "the valley" which the area north of LA is referred to.  Mr. T's sales territory will be in this area and we thought this would be a good place to rent initially until we get more familiar with the different areas within LA County and what his territory boundaries will be in reality.

To answer that first question, Mr. T hung in there admirably and I give Martina a lot of credit for that because she made our drive times interesting and had every stop timed out so well.

See how enthusiastic he is? He even managed a dance step or two.

So did we find a good rental that first day? 

But this isn't it! or any of the other contenders, simply a shot of Mr. Tennis showing his enthusiasm that the first day of looking was almost over...

 We found one we liked and even have two back ups, one which we found during a shorter search with Martina this morning.  We have submitted two applications for rental.  Our first pick, and our back up pick.  And we have a third choice, just in case.

So I will give you a sneak peek at our three choices and you can try and guess from these limited photos which one we may have selected for our first choice.

Is it option #1?

Option #2?

Or Option #3?

So which one is our first pick?  Second?

My picture taking abilities were not good during this process.  I was easily distracted, the lighting was questionable and I'm working off of Mr. T's computer which I'm not familiar with and don't know how to edit the pics as far as lighting, etc  Our choices were based on walkability of neighborhood, easy access to major highways without being too near that noise is an issue, nice backyard for The Bostons (who have had no input into this decision - too bad for them!), comfortable living areas and room for home office for Mr. Tennis, and convenient shopping/eating/entertainment/gym/athletic facilities.

That said, we will see if our first choice application is accepted and we will go from there. 

Next up:  what's going on in Orlando in my absence and a look at the Newlywed's new home which is absolutely charming.

Boston Lady Out! 


Chatty Crone said...

I am going to vote for number 1 - they all look pretty - I am sure you will be happy with any of them. I am thrilled for you! sandie

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Ann, I must say, I think No. 1 looks like the one, I noticed the openness, and lots of light.
The fireplace in No. 2 is certainly lovely, and there are many nice things in No. 3. (I seem to be hedging my bet.) :)

I think the Bostons would like the yard in No. 1.

These are each nice!

Wonderful that you got this all seen in a short time!

Poor Bumby...won't she be happy when the rest of her fur family arrives.
My cats didn't take well to our move a back in 2010 - they like things to not change, but she will be fine once things look more settled to her.

Wishing you a good visit with your "kids"!

Razmataz said...

I vote # 2...I am sucker for a tall ceiling and beams....number 1 is your number two and tow is your one which makes 3 your three...yes?

Mary said...

I like #1 kitchen...yard? They both look good...what noise do you hear from neighborhood? PS. I think I'll download that book. Mary

Kit said...

Good luck! I hope you get the home you want! Kit

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I myself like option 1 but you didn't add in the ridiculous LA prices. :)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Except for the bedroom that could be an office with those cool windows... I think option #2 is off the table or at least relegated to the THIRD SPOT. Because you didn't show a yard, except through the cool corner windows. So I think, option #1 is your first choice and option #3 is your second choice. They both have good yard options for the Bostons and light filled kitchens and large living space-- Because the furkids and people kids will all be close by you need big family spaces.
I have no idea... I'm over thinking it probably. But it's just a guess right?
I also, can't believe you saw all those properties in 1 day! Amazing!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

They all look great to me! I think it was a wonderful idea to have so many to look at...what a time saver! And it looks like you had really nice properties to choose from!

Claudia said...

I vote for #2. Love, love that high ceiling and fireplace - so striking. I'll say that #1 is your second choice.....hmmmm. Wonder what it will be?


Mr. Connor said...

I would go with # 1 first then # 3 as a back up. What do I know. As long as you are happy and it fits all your needs ~ go for it . Did the cars arrive ? ? ?

Sue said...

I REALLY love the house with the big open beam ceilings. I hope you get the house that you want.

Take care,

Robin Larkspur said...

The kitchen in #1 is great. But that wasn't part of your criteria, was it? Well, I say number 1 anyway. Hurry and tell us!!!