Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Hurricane Flowers", The Last Chicken Breast, and I'm OK!

These Bromeliads have been blooming like crazy around town. 

 I think they are just spectacular in color and in flower-type - so dramatic.
  Although they are Bromeliads, a friend of mine (BE) told me a couple of years ago that her family always called them "hurricane flowers" since they always bloom at the height of hurricane season here.

True enough.

  Late August and September are supposedly the most active months.
 Just ask the people in the Miami area who were hit with Hurricane Andrew - 
and then us Central Floridians who had Charlie to deal with in 2004.
Hurricanes, please hold off until we leave and are settled in the land of earthquakes.

And so that brings us to the chicken breast saga.
Can she finish them all?
How many different ways can she eat them?
Well, I will spare you the gory details, but this is my last one tonight.
I chose to eat it in what for me is  "comfort food" fashion.

My mother often used leftover chicken to make sandwiches. Not chicken salad.
Nope. Toasted bread. Buttered. Sliced cold chicken, salt and peppered.

Oh I felt quite comforted after eating it, along with a large helping of my fav veggie.

Asparagus - which has been on sale here in FL.
Does asparagus go on sale in CA?  
Strange as my dinner tonight might seem, it was delicious for me and... comforting.

And as I said in the header for this post - I'm OK!
Yep! The lease scenario is progressing well.
Garage Sale on Saturday will empty the house of some of the clutter and thus make
me feel less out-of-control.
Good friends are helping me to price and run garage sale. That's always a good thing.

Mr. Tennis arrives Saturday late afternoon!
Who will be happier?  Me or the Bostons!?
So, all is good here at Boston Manor.

Huge, huge! Thanks and gratitude to all of my bloggy friends
and relatives who have left such positive, encouraging and uplifting

It has helped me tremendously!
Although I try to keep my blog focused on the good stuff  in my life,
I didn't want to be disingenuous and not blog about the
stutter step in our moving-saga. So, while I strive to just focus on the
positive in TBL's life, I never want to be a Pollyanna and pretend
everything goes smoothly
.  I don't dwell on negative issues in our lives here on the
blog, and yet I strive to be truthful.

Thank you my good friends.

 Getting "The Truck", 
"The Loaders Arrive", "Can this Marriage be Saved" (JK), 
"The Drive With One Man, One Woman and Two Bostons".
"Why Did We Move to LA?" (Again, JK)

TBL out, until next time....


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Mmmm... that chicken sandwich is sure looking tasty!
The Bromiliads are beautiful.
I don't think I can do the earthquake thing. (although we've had a couple of small ones in Texas recently)

...hope the garage sale goes well. glad you have friends there to help you out. Really.
The up coming posts...a.k.a: the continuing saga, has my curiosity piqued!
I know you'll get through it all.
many blessings to you, my friend! Pat

Annmarie Pipa said...

good luck with the garage sale.
I make those same chicken sandwiches!!

Olive Cooper said...

When you get to your new home perhaps you can have fish and beef or something new and different because you clearly ate a mountain of chicken. Good luck at the sale today and I know you are excited to see Mr. T. It is good you have friends helping-bless them. Many hugs, Olive

Mr. Connor said...

Yeah ~ the REAL fun is abbut to start. There are several things you are going to have to learn to do without. NO PUBLIX in Ca. No SONNY'S in Ca. BUT ~ they have indoor plumbing in some areas so be on the lookout. WE all have to go with the flow . By the way ~ mother did not put pepper on sandwhiches. Can't wait to see the next installment .

Chatty Crone said...

I don't like a blog that isn't real. I mean I love positive people, but into everyone's life a little rain must fall. It makes you human. And you have so much going on. You can do it my friend. Good luck on your new chapter of life! Love, sandie

Are you moving to southern California - will you be near Riverside? I have a blogger there.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

That sandwich looks wonderful, old family favourites are always good, I think.
However,I imagine you're happy to have finished the chicken. :)
Good luck with the upcoming weeks, as you make your way to California.
The flower is very pretty, and quite unusual too.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Wow you have been busy, Ann! I still can't believe how quickly this move happened! Good luck with the garage sale! And now I have to go eat something, because that plate of food looks SO delicious...

Edilma Weissmueller said...

There are bromilias blooming everwhere this year,what a treat. Are you taking a plant with you?
Mr.T. has arrived just in time, you have done such super job Ann.
Mow comes the big ride. I have hired some"Guardian Angels" to ride by your side.See you later on.