Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's That Old Saying? If You Want to Make God Laugh...

...make a plan?

So, we had a plan.
Plan A.
Sell the house.
Got a great offer.
Buyers' financing fell through.
Not sure that I'm laughing, and I really don't think God is either, but he's always whispered something in our ears...

....wait a minute, that was my MIL, Orlando Grandma. 
 How many times has she called me up and said, 
"So here's Plan B".
And then we laugh.

So, here's Plan B:

We will be leasing the house.
This was our original Plan A, believe it or not, but we wanted to try selling.

It was all going too smoothly folks, let's admit it.
So after I adjusted my thinking (read, cried on the phone to Mr. T) I am up and running again.

Very few differences does this make.  
Still having garage sale (in the carport, yes Bostons, I know) on Saturday.

After garage sale, handy-man John stopping by to look at some interior painting issues and do a few small jobs. Will haul away leftovers from garage sale and give to his church if they can use them.

Mr. T arrives home late Saturday afternoon.

Sunday we pack, clean, pack, clean, pack, clean.
Then go to a lovely going away soiree with many friends present.

Monday we pack, clean, pack, clean, pack, clean.
With perhaps John showing up to do said painting touchups.
Pick up Moving Van - GULP!
Load car for shipping and perhaps eat at some point.

Tuesday movers arrive between 10am and 11am. 
Movers will swiftly, yet gently load our possessions onto Moving Van.  
I THINK guy will show at some point that day to pick up car to be shipped.
 That's Mr. T's territory, might as well have it all happen on one day, right? 
 Maybe John should come paint while the movers are here just to make it interesting.

Did I mention "we" will be driving this baby across country?
The four of us - I've been coaching the Bostons on truck driving tips.

Wednesday, our former "closing day".  We arise, do last minute things, and leave.
I think.

I'm still trying to figure out the finer details to Plan B.  
Thank goodness Plan B used to be Plan A and we checked out all the deets about leasing, having a leasing agent and if places were renting well in our area.
Supposedly they are.

So, since I can't call you all up individually and say it like Orlando Grandma, I'm putting it on my blog:

"So, here's Plan B".

You have my permissioin to laugh!  Go ahead!

I think this Boston looks like George Washington and it made ME laugh!


Olive Cooper said...

The cotton pickin banks are being buggers! Joe who has stellar credit refinanced the yellow house and it took three months with his great credit. I own nothing except two cars which are paid for. I cannot imagine what it would have taken if he had a bad mark on his credit. Ann you sound as if you are coping quite well and that plan B or A, I am confused but happily so, is going well. Do keep us informed. hugs sweetie, Olive

Razmataz said...

Plan B will likely turn out to be the best one in the long run. Two years from now, I bet you will all be sitting around saying " thank goodness that offer fell through. Hindsight has been forced on you and as they say it's 20/20.

So be it...new plan sounds like a grand one.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

You know me, and what I say:
All God's ways are right!
He is the Rock and His work is perfect.

Thank goodness our little minds don't have to understand that; because it's true. Period.
So, for whatever reason, you're not selling. Maybe, that will be known to you sometime later! We'll see.

As to you-- You seem to be handling it pretty well.
It was hard to tell by that last picture. Oh! that's not you...it's a Boston... my mistake...LOL!

California OR Bust!!!

KarenSue Farash said...

Oh darn,still going....
Party's still on!!
Just a little bump in the road.
It will all be fine.
See you Friday!!

Robin Larkspur said...

Oh, I am so sorry Plan A fell through. You do sound like you have handled the disappointment, and knocked down the anxious thoughts. Wishing you much good luck with leasing the house. All that packing and cleaning has worn me out!! lol! Soon though you will be back across the land and into your new home. Bright blessings to you, and be safe and happy!! Love that George Washington Boston!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Your resilience is inspiring to me. Good for you and Mr. T, for having Plan B up your sleeve.
I'll bet the couple who wanted your home were very disappointed, as well.
The next few days will be busy, for you and the Bostons, indeed!
P.S. Herbert and Artie say hello to their favourite new canine friends, the "little" Bostons. They are excited to hear they will be driving the shiny yellow truck.

Claudia said...

Leasing sounds like a good Plan B! Boy these are tough times to try to buy a house - Olive is right, banks are being a pain in the (blank).

Don and I did the same thing when we moved across the country - we had movers pack the truck, Don drove it and I followed in our car with the 2 dogs. It's an adventure and you'll have fun! It's all going to work out beautifully!


JavaGirlBT said...

Do you ever go to www.woofboard.com? It's a Boston Terrier forum. The last picture is a picture of Olive, owned by Cari, and it's from a whole thread where people put bread on their dogs' heads. It's hilarious.

Mr. Connor said...

Plan "B" ~ GREAT ! Let the goooood times roll ! " California Here I come right back ~ and the song goes on. Be glad I am not there singing !

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ok here goes. I like plan B. So MANY people I know sell their homes, move to a new area and within a year are kicking themselves in the keester.

This is smart.

centerofgravity said...

I, too, think that plan B is a great idea. Especially, if, as Decor To Adore says there might be a chance that you decide you don't like California living afterall. Right, Sue Bee? Also, hurricanes though no fun as we all know are at least considerably more predictable than EARTHQUAKES! :-)

Chatty Crone said...

Okay plan B - leasing instead of selling? I am sorry it fell though - but God is with you with Plan A or B - right? The countdown has begun! I am so excited for you. sandie

Angela said...

It seems like it was just yesterday to me that you even put your house on the market! Sorry the deal fell through. You can look at it this way, if you don't like it there you can always move back!

Angela said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I did live in Maryland for 4 years. I hated it at first, tolerated it in the end but dreamed of moving back to WV the entire time. We finally were able to move back to WV. I'm home. You just never know, you might feel the same way but since you have family there it might be easier than it was for us.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You have the best attitude, Ann! I think things work out the way they are meant to in the end. Just hard to deal with the dips in the road sometimes! We made two cross-country moves with those trucks...including a near miss with a tornado in Nebraska...always an adventure!! XO my friend!

Edilma Weissmueller said...

We make little plans, the GUY up above makes the big ones have faith this is the way it was supposed to be.. You had such a solid plan B it just changed places. Look all you have learned,sure adds to your resume. Did you think you were this strong and this capable,you have been a CHAMP the way you have taken care of everything. Hang in there kid it is almost over. Soon Mr. T. will be here to support you. Prayer and love.

Kit said...

It made me laugh too! Oh what a story and I am enjoying it very much. Can't wait to hear more. Take care, Kit