Saturday, August 11, 2012

We're Confused!!!!!?????

First of all there are now no rugs on the floor and we are FORCED to sit on our uber-comfy beds when we aren't taking over HER bed.

Then... it's raining to boot and Sadie needed to don the Thundershirt once again. (Do they work for earthquakes, anyone know?)

In addition to THOSE things, SHE and her friend, CG spent a good part of today cutting cardboard, messing around with packing tape and playing around with bubble wrap (whatever that is) - all to cover up some dumb old mirrors and paintings. 

WE got NO attention AT ALL. Hmmmmmph!

The rugs we have found. Apparently crazy woman (the boston lady) is having a garage sale (even though she doesn't have a garage - just a carport) next weekend and OUR rugs are to be sold.  For MONEY!  Not even rawhides or treats!

And WHERE is MR T?!?!?!?  He is not in OUR big bed, nor in his office.  In fact CW (crazy woman) and CG moved his file cabinets out for the bogus garage sale into the carport.

AND.... his side of the closet is bare!

It's NEVER looked like that before.

SHE has stocked up on weird stuff in the cold box:

And get this, CW has been cooking chicken like there is no tomorrow.  

We heard her muttering something about COSTCO and why did she buy so much chicken.  After this cooking session, she cooked FOUR more pieces the next day and CLAIMED she would have some tonight on a salad.

Sure she went to the food place and came home with some lettuce, but then as she was stowing it into the cold box she let out a sound that seemed just like one of our happy barks.

Over this....

THEN, she talked a lot about since it was raining and the sun wasn't beaking down on the house, she could turn on "the oven" and cook that thing.

That SHE deserved it after a day of packing and if she was going to have leftover chicken again (which, by the way, WE love to eat!) she was going to have it with a baked potato!

So what if she hoped that all this packing, moving stress and taking care of OUR needs would cause her to lose "wait". How long have WE "waited", CW, for Mr. T to come home, to have an explanation as to Miss Bumby's whereabouts, and for our tennis ball time?   Hmmmmm?  CW? Aka The Boston Lady?


Boston Lady's note:  I have obviously not had a lot of time to read or post on the blogosphere.  Panda and Sadie graciously said they would do a "fun" post about the moving chaos and I had no idea they were so bitter and well, such Divas!  Panda, yes I knew, but Sadie?  All is going well here and from what I hear and see all is going well "over there".  Thanks for reading!  Linking to the gracious Elaine at Simple Sundays at Sunny Simple Life. Please stop by and see her blog and the creative people who join her on Sundays.

And thanks to CG (Center of Gravity) for helping out so much today and to all my friends who have lent a hand, listened to me gripe, made me go to the movies or lunch... I could go on and on.


Leslie said...

Awwwww such cuties. My Boston is the only one of our dogs that is not afraid of storms.

Kit said...

Glad you are keeping your sense of humor! Packing is such a bugger! :) Kit

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Bought a lot of chicken,huh?
sounds like things are going along pretty well. Glad you have help (with the packing)
...and little help from the Bostons (with the updates!)

...I was going to say something about a 'fine kettle of fish'...but it just didn't fit with the chicken! LOL ~Pat

centerofgravity said...

I want theworld to know that the Bostons were not Divas when i was there. Okay, Sadie did love it went I would stop and pet her and let her in and out. Panda spent most of the day ignoring me. Hmmm! But, it was a good day and we had fun in the process. It was a whole lot easier and mush, mush faster than reupholstering a chair. LOL.

Olive Cooper said...

You seem to be keeping it all together Ann. I fear I would not be cooking at all. Or having a yard sale. Good for you.

Mango said...

If you are forced to retreat to your beds, at least you have gracious, comfy beds to rest your weary selves. I hope that there is carpeting soon so that you can navigate the rest of the estate.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

It's always something. For some it's chicken for others....canned goods. :)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I remember packing, was that only a few months ago....

Hope it goes well, those last few weeks are the tough ones.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Mr. Connor said...

Sure is a shame that Mr. T is missing out on all this fun. Maybe some thing could be save for him to do ! ! ! !

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Dear Panda and Sadie,
We have great sympathy for you and yes, it is so weird what our humans get up to.
Have faith, usually mysteries are solved in time we find. Recently B's son, has disappeared mysteriously, and we now have his big bed to ourselves.We do miss him, however.
Hmmm, that chicken does sound delish, did TBL share?
All will be well, dear little bostons, we had to move a couple of years ago, and although it was confusing indeed, things have settled down nicely.
B tells us, to let you know Mr. T, will return to you.
Herbert and Artie
P.S. You need to write more posts, this was a good read!

bj said...

OMGOSH...we've lived in the same house for almost 40 years...if I had to move and even THINK about packing, I'd shoot son owns a moving company...woo hoo...:))

andrea@townandprairie said...

Amazing how well our dogs know us, huh?

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are looking so busy, much to do! I am thinking Sadie and Panda are thinking of starting a blog lol...

Edilma Weissmueller said...

You are a one man show and you are doing a super job. It is good to have friends like yours, lot of helkp and moral support. Great job showing the dogs points of view.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't think they know what is going on! sandie