Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm still feverishly putting the finishing touches on The Maven's room before Mr. Tennis and I take off for LA at the end of next week.  I was so tickled when I found this wooden sign at HomeGoods because LOL has become my daughter's signature sign-off with her text messages.  And believe me, she is the text messaging queen!

Last week I painted her room and it only took one coat to cover the lavendar colored walls and stamped flowers that used to outline the windows. I had bought a combination paint/primer at Lowe's by Valspar.  It was worth the little extra it cost.

Is there such a thing as "spray paint finger syndrome"?

You can see my black and white assistant in the background, but she wasn't much help.  The walls may have taken just one coat, but so far I have two coats of spray paint on these old metal bi-folds and they still aren't evenly covered.  I had to give up for the time being as my arm from my elbow down was sore from what seemed like hours spraying these things.  And yes, I saw this little gizmo when I bought the spray paint:

Why, oh why did I not spend the three dollars for this thing?  I will be purchasing one very soon as I still have two more sets of these old doors to paint in addition to one more coat on these ones.

I've been slowly adding The Maven's things back into her room including this old guitar that used to belong to her Aunt Diane.  The Maven is heavy-duty into guitars and I think it looks kind of nice propped up next to her bed.  She had it hanging up on her apartment wall last year and I suspect she may want to do that again, hence the casual leaning against the wall, no nails.

Mr. Tennis is going to help me put up the blinds this weekend and tomorrow I go on a hunt for a bookcase at a church rummage sale and various thrift stores.  I hope to have some final pictures over the weekend of The Maven's "Welcome Back Home Room Make-Over".

I will sign off with a peek at this cute rug that now lays on one side of her bed.

TBL, out.


Sammy said...

Makes me want to move in there...although I think she will enjoy having a full size room regardless of what it looks like at this point!

Orlando Grandma said...

I think Wendy will like her room, you have worked hard and it shows. Love the sign LOL,a little of her personal touch and she will feel at home. I do not have a good experience with "spray painting". What a cute rug.

Mr. Connor said...

LOL means Laughting Out loud and NOT Lots of Love ?