Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Maven's Room Re-Do is Done in Time!

Well, I did it.  I actually finished the one summer project I was determined to do.  Fixing up The Maven's room.  It needed a lot of TLC:

It was outdated, needed a good coat of paint, the dressers needed restoring and the room in general just needed a new look.

And so it began:

Emptied of contents, furniture pushed to the middle, holes patched and drop cloths in place.

And here are some of the end results:

I decided not to paint the dressers.  Used a wood restorative on them and it did a very good job of bringing back the original lustre and repairing marks and stains.

Downsized the bookcase with a thrift store find.  Plenty big enough for her Twilght, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Little House collections and other favorites.

I found two of these nice baskety-drawers at the thrift for $4 each and I think they look nice and can store all the jewlery and keepsakes The Maven likes to collect.  She bought the Coke sign a few years ago and I think it makes a catchy tray liner.  Her panda bear holds many of her necklaces

My daugther loves purses and hats and has always had this hat stand in her room.  The other baskety-drawer provides more storage on the other dresser which also serves as a night stand on one side of her bed.

Gotta have a pic of your family and an old Beanie Baby friend.

A woven-seated chair from another room in the house provides a nightstand on the other side of The Maven's bed and holds her Aunt's old guitar.  Another sweet Beanie bear keeps watch.  Some of us never out grow our old stuffed friends.

The bed is from IKEA and used to be in The Writer's room.  Found a pretty duvet set at IKEA too with all the colors that go with the room and the sheets we bought last year.

Mr. Tennis helped me put up some blinds and I added a little green tulle for some color.  Just gathered with some ribbon and put up with detachable 3M stickers for posters.

The closet doors were greatly improved with three coats of spray paint.

My friend, CG, who helped me re-upholster a chair last fall, showed me how I could cover the reading lamp over The Maven's bed.  It was very easy and I used the same fabric from some scraps I had left over from the chair project. Spray painted the lamp hardware and I think it is another colorful addition to the room.

And of course, Sadie was there to provide wise dog-advice throughout the project.

Oh, and as for a lot of the other "stuff" that was in the room.  It sits in here with me while I blog in my "office/reading/guest" room.

A lot of this will go with her to her apartment and I'm sure she will add some to the "new" room too.  But first she and I have to make our drive home to Orlando from Los Angeles!  I hope to capture some of the fun of Mr. Tennis' and my week in the Los Angeles area on my blog and then the looooooooonnnnng drive back for The Maven and me. And The Sacred Cow - for those in the know...


KarenSue said...

What a great job! She just might want to stay home.
Be safe on your trip and have fun.
See ya when you get back.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Love the green...especially in the rug and lampshade! It feels so fresh now!

The_Tyro said...

it looks awesome cant wait to stay in it!

Orlando Grandma said...

The Maven's room new looks looks almost as good in your post as it does in real life. Your hard work and good taste shows.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It looks so pretty! I really like the pops of green, and those basket drawers were a great find.

Thanks for linking up!

Trisha said...

That room turned out very nice. I really like to tulle on the window!

C'est Magnifique said...

Wow great job! The transformation is incredible! I used some tulle on my bedroom window treatments as well, don't you just love that stuff? And it's so cheap too!


Sue said...

I like the addition of color in the room. That green rug is so fun~ as is the green tulle on the window.

Amber said...

Hopping over from Meridian Road. Great transformation! I love that wooden dresser and the colors you chose in the room. The fabric covered lampshade is so cute too!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love the cheer green "curtains". I also like thechair as a "nightstand".

thanks for stopping by.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I love the shade of green you used. Especially on the rug and shade!