Friday, July 30, 2010

California Here We Come!

Mr. Tennis and I will be winging our way out West today to spend a week with The Writer, Sammy, Stanley and The Maven.  My posts may be sporadic but I hope to capture some of the beauty and fun that California has to offer its visitors.

Of course, The Maven and I will begin our long drive back via her trusty car, The Sacred Cow, after the week in LA.  Our first stop will be Las Vegas.  So, you will hear from us.  Oh, yes.

And I hope most readers get the connection with the picture above, but I suspect some younger ones may not.  Google it!


Sue said...

"Lucy you got some "slanin" to do! I loved tht show, and yes I get it! Looking forward to having you visit our sunny CA coast!

Take care, Sue

Orlando Grandma said...

I envy two things that your are doing, being out there with my grandbabies, all three of them and the weather. Today when I stepped out to go for my training to be an Assistant Clerk for one day it felt like a sauna room ;
Do I remember the ILL show, watched all the time.Where do you think I got my accent from, Ricky........ Love to all including Stan

Sammy said...

I no longer feel young because I definitely get the "I Love Lucy" picture reference. I used to pretend to go to bed at night when I was little and then sneak out of my room to go watch the 11pm episode on Nick at Night. :]