Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to Our Favorite Hotel in LA!

The Farmer's Daughter on Fairfax Avenue.  Right across from the famous Farmer's Market at Fairfax and 3rd.  This is a small boutique hotel that we discovered via Fodor's tourbook a few years ago.  It is clean, reasonably priced and very cleverly decorated.

It has an open air lobby and common areas on each floor.

The rooms are decorated in "farmhouse" chic.

Did I mention they have great complimentary toiletry items? Niiiiiice.

And "unique" Do Not Disturb door hangars

As well as Maid Service Please:

Attached is "Tart" a cool little restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night cocktails.

Nice indoor/outdoor seating right off the Farmer's Daughter's lobby.

Why call this hotel the Farmer's Daughter?  Because it's right across from the street from the Historic Farmer's Market and the upscale shopping and movie theatre district The Grove.

I tried to get Mr. Tennis to enter this "Mad Men" contest being held by Banana Republic.  I figured he could do a walk-on appearance as Roger Stirling's college roommate, but he declined. Darn!

And yes, we have seen The Maven, The Writer, Sammy and, of course, Stanley, the greyhound. 

The Writer, The Maven, and Stan

 After breakfast today we worked off our enormous waffles (don't tell the people at the gym!) at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park. But not before Mr. T and Stanley bonded.

Mr. Tennis, Stan and Sammy

The Writer, Stanley and Mr. T

Stanley got to run around and the humans were able to enjoy the beautiful California day.

He looks pretty happy, and tired, don't you think?

Boston Lady, and Stanley, out.



Sue said...

You gotta be loving our weather, right? Have a great vacation!

Take care, Sue

Orlando Grandma said...

I like the hotel looks very a comodating. A good California day good way to start your vacation.
Keep up the good work Ann, your fans wait in anticipation.

Alan said...

If this is how farmers live. I think I'll become a farmer.

Mr. Connor said...

Wow !

Mr. Connor said...

Was The Boston Lady's first trip to California & Las Vegas via a private plane ?

The Boston Lady said...

Indeed it was Mr. Connor, in 1969! That was one of my most memorable childhood memories!