Monday, August 30, 2010

They Don't Call Me The (Crazy) Boston Lady For Nothing!

Last week was exciting in the life of The Boston Lady.  In addition to my successful installation of my windows/shutters/cabinets (see previous post if you missed this spectacle) I scored a bounty of Boston "stuff".

You can see the fella on my sidebar.  I've decided to call him, Bowser. Because that seems to suit him.  Depending on the angle of the shot, his expression and demeanor appear different.

Here, we have the contrite:

Next we have the angry and aggressive when snapped from above:

Finally, proud, yet defiant Bowser. (Or the "I want a treat" Bowser):

Thanks to my friend CG who has been hunting on her travels for a Boston figurine for me.  She found one in Maine and safely transported it back to me.  She's headed to Italy in the upcoming week - wonder if they know what a Boston is there?

The same day CG presented me with Bowser, we stopped by the shop where Suebee has her booth.  While browsing around store I found this:

A framed vintage needlepoint piece of a Boston puppy.  It was a steal at 25% off the regular price and this pretty puppy sits on my piano at the moment.


CG told me that there was an old Boston Terrier doorstop on sale on Ebay.  I have always wanted one of these, but they are crazy-expensive.  I've seen them priced at over $200.  I had gotten an Ebay gift certificate from The Writer's GF, Sammy - check out her terrific Foodie Blog, for my birthday.  She specifically said: "Hope you find something fun you can blog about!"  And I did!  This "re-purposed" cast-iron Boston doorstop only cost me $10.  The cost of shipping this heavy little guy.  He has a place of honor near the front door - Thanks Sammy!!! (and thanks CG for alerting me to the auction)

Of course, there's nothing like the real thing:

Notice who has possession of the dog toys - Alpha Female, Panda.  Sadie is just waiting for her chance!


Orlando Grandma said...

My goodness, you do have some Boston trasures there and some good deals too. I look forwards to seeing them. The "realthings" like you call them, are friendlly when I visit, I like that.

The Frenchs said...

The real things are the BEST!!!! We love our bostons deaarrrly! :)

Mr. Connor said...

Wow ! That is quite a new collection. I " assume" they all have names . I look forward to meeting the new arrivals.

Sammy said...

yay!!!! so cute! glad you found something great! ebay is the best.

Claudia said...

Love all your Boston Terrier finds. I have a friend who has two boston terriers and they are so, so sweet.


The_Tyro said...

I didn't notice that doorstop the last time i was there but I like it a lot! Looks great!