Friday, August 13, 2010

If It's Thursday, it must be OK, as in Oklahoma...

Today was a day of contrasts for The Maven and me.

We arrived in a very dark, blurry fashion to Albequerque last night and didn't much care about anything except food, sleep, and for me, the Vegas blog entry which took every last ounce of strength I had left. We have lost an hour each day with the time difference and it's much more difficult for me to adjust to going in this direction!

Earlier, The Maven managed to capture this picture of the spectacular rocks at sunset as we hurtled towards Albequerque.  It's one of the best shots she's taken through the window.  Not an easy task when your mother is barking photography orders from the driver's seat.  Northern New Mexico is my favorite "out West" area, I think.  (Besides California).  There's just enough green to satisfy those that like a little vegetation and then there are the spectacular sights such as these colorful cliffs that Mother Nature has worked on for so long.

Besides, it was a blessed sight after being stuck in an hour's worth of this:

Construction traffic nightmare
My camera wasn't working properly when we took off this morning and that made me mad because the hills that send you on your way out of Albequerque are just so pretty.  Drat!  Please note:  this had nothing to do with The Maven, who is an excellent photographer, but had all to do with the camera's owner (her mother) who hadn't set the darn thing up properly after her downloading her Post-Vegas pics. Some control-freak The BL has turned out to be!

One day, three states for us today.  Started with the beauty of northern NM, as I said, and then we drifted in almost seamlessly to the flatter terrain of that little part of Texas that sticks up.  I was enchanted with this little farm and how the little red and white building was in such sharp contrast to the rest of the surrounding scenery.

I looked and looked for barn quilts. I wanted so badly to see one.  Tomorrow I may have another chance.  My blogging friend, Linda, introduced me to these, click here to see one of her posts that highlights not just one of her barn quilt sightings, but honors a very special quilt she recently received.  I'm trying Linda!

Texas was blessedly short for our return trip.  Two hours, as opposed to two days.  Not that we don't LOVE Texas!

Our main goal was to make it to Oklahoma City.  We have a very special person in our lives who lives here and we very badly wanted to stop by and see him and his new baby.  And we did!

Meet six month old Anna Elizabeth!

She was a blur of pumping legs and waving arms and has the cutest face you ever saw!

It was hard to get a picture of her.  She was one squirming baby, but The Maven managed to corral her for a shot while we waited for a delicious Mexican dinner with Anna's dad, Elliott and her mom, Brooke.  What a treat it was to finally see Anna and meet Brooke.  And to indulge in some "real" Mexican fare at "Ted's Cafe Escondido", in Edmund, OK, just outside of OK City.

My second-son, Elliott, Anna and Brooke

The Maven and I are going to slow our pace a bit and take in some of the sights tomorrow.  We would like to stop in the morning at the memorial at the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing  before we leave this lovely city.  It's an important event in our recent history that we feel we should stop to reflect upon and to pay our respects to the victims of this tragedy.

Then we will pass through Little Rock, Arkansas and then continue on until we are "Walkin' in Memphis" for the night.

Mr. Tennis, we are almost home!!

The Boston Lady and that squirming mass of beautiful baby, Anna, out!


KarenSue said...

Oh I have a great idea! You can go with me when I take you know who back to Montana or where ever she goes! We would have so much fun. Ok that's settled.
You bark too? I just don't see it.
Anna is so cute, It's hard to think of these kids having kids.
See ya soon friend and still be safe,

Mr. Connor said...

What a trip and what great sights except for the road traffic. That could be here from the looks of it. Ms. Anna sure looks like a real bundle of fun. Keep driving safe and have a gooood time !

Orlando Grandma said...

A visit to the Memorial is a must if you visit OK City,so silent and so somber. They also have the cowboy museum, they have a record of all the c movies ever made and wax figures of the actors very impresive.Anna sure is a cutie, good picture of the whole family and of both of you. You are turning into very ood photograoher, turists and reporters. Well you are over have way home, right? so hang in there and smell the roses

Sue said...

This trip is something you and your daughter will cherish forever. Wow, the memories and you documenting them with pictures on the blog are priceless! And now that I've gotten to actually meet you and your family I am enjoying the trip with you even more!

Take care, Sue