Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Windows to my World - also known as, My Next Project(s)

I have a couple of projects lined up for the not too distant future.  One of them, this one:

I have to think about a little bit longer and wait for some of this rainy, humid weather to back off a bit.  But I'm quite excited to see how I might bring this beautiful hope chest back to life.  It was Mr. Tennis' grandmother's and held all her treasures as she entered into her married life with Gramps (you can read about this special man, by clicking here).  Over the years it has been neglected on the outside, but still has a lovely cedar lining inside.  It is now The Maven's.

She and I discussed lightening up the look a bit and bringing out the details with some embellishing techniques:

Perhaps we will upholster the top and make it into bench to rest at the end of a bed.  This will be a challenging one for me, but I really am looking forward to seeing how I can help these lovely details get noticed.

Another, somewhat simple project involves these two cabinet doors.

I purchased them from a place I had never been before, The Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  These ReStores have new things, used things, furniture, raw building materials, just a whole bunch of stuff that I was surprised to see there.  These two cabinet doors just told me to buy them.  I at first was imagining them framing The Maven's large window when I was doing her room re-do, but then decided I would like them to frame MY bedroom window.  I need to get a set of hinges, decide to paint or refinish or just leave them as is and how to anchor them to the wall.  I don't have curtains or any embellishments on the window and I thought these might add an interesting look. 

So, now that I've posted I am obligated (in my mind - this is how I motivate myself people) to follow through and begin these projects.

Any suggestions, especially for how to bring out the details on that hope chest will be greatly appreciated.


Orlando Grandma said...

It's been a loooong day for me today, but the fact the I feel I am doing my civic duty helps.
Both proyects sound interesting. I have some good ideas that I will talk to you about in person. The lighter shade of the wood and the upholtery top sound like the ticket for a young lady's room and will not take away from the original piece..

Linda said...

Can't wait to see what you do with these!

Mr. Connor said...

This looks like it could get interesting ! What a set of projects. Will see if ideas pot up in my head .

KarenSue said...

That's why I don't post projects, then I feel pressure to get it done. Maybe I should post them?!
Can't wait to see what you do.