Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Ivy - A Strange/Funny LA Experience

The Maven and I were reflecting back on our last day in LA when we were determined to go to West Hollywood and see a celebrity.

We were too intimidated to strut into the celeb-heavy restaurant hang-out "The Ivy"

I always see pictures in my beloved People magazine of various well-knowns emerging from this trendy eatery.  We didn't think they'd let us, un-knowns, in so we ate across the street at another slightly less, but perhaps still trendy cafe, The Newsroom.

I looked them up later and saw that Matthew McConaughey had been snapped there, but whatever, the food was good, not expensive and there were actually paparazzi hanging around on the sidewalk right by our table.  I could tell who they were because they seemed to have no other reason for standing around their SUV for about an hour on their cell phones - across the street from The Ivy.

The Maven and I finished our tasty meal. Suddenly the "paps" starting opening their car doors, talking on their phones, pulling out cameras and dashing across the street.

Showtime!! We sprang into action. There were so many of these vultures that surely Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Brad and/or Angelina, Jennifer Anniston or Garner must have been ready to exit The Ivy!  We and about ten other people positioned ourselves across the street to see who it was that was emerging and making these camera and video device wielding "professionals" act in such an excited fashion.

This is what we saw from across the street:

The "paps" were focused on the guy in the plaid shirt.

"It's the kid from GLEE!"  exclaimed a woman behind us. "It's Finn from GLEE" she shouted.  Uh, no.  The Maven and I could clearly see that it was not the actor who plays Finn on GLEE.

We crossed the street.  As did the crowd of ten behind us.

We were closer and the guy with the green scarf had joined "the celebrity". "Who is it?" was the constant murmur going through the group.  The Maven and I saw the fellow with the green scarf next to the celeb and guessed that they were perhaps musicians.  I mean, look at this guy, he screams "I am a Black-Eyed Pea Wannabee".

Someone from our little knot of star-struck (or at least we thought we should be) group approached a "pap" and asked "who is it?"  He/they wouldn't tell.  The guy in the plaid was the intended target as he was the one they pointed the cameras at and interviewed with a microphone.  I actually was close enough to hear him say at one point, "Uh, where IS my ride?"

Finally one of "us" got the goods.  "His name is Justin Quinn, from Assorted Lives", she announced with confidence and a little smugness.  Who?  From what? 

We texted Sammy to see if she knew who he was.  Afterall she is "in the business" and would know. Nope, she'd never heard of him or the show. 

The guy with the scarf left in one car.  "Justin Quinn" left in a black SUV and dropped his take-out box before getting into the backseat.  He had to scoop it up in front of "the fans". I actually felt bad for him.  WE were all watching for some reason.

So, while The Maven and I were driving the second-to-last leg of our trip home today we were speculating about who that really was.

When we got to our hotel tonight we started "googling".  "I think she said Jason", The Maven said.  We tried every combination. Jason/Justin Quinn. "Assorted Lives", "Sorted Lives", "A Sort of Life".  Then we hit on it.

"Sordid Lives"

"A Black Comedy About White Trash". Nice.

And, sorry lady, but his name is Jason Dottley, not Justin Quinn.  We found his head shots (and more) and saw that "he" was the guy in the plaid shirt.

Not Finn, from GLEE. Not Justin Quinn. Not Brad and/or Angelina, Kate, Tom & Katie, George, Britney or a Jonas. Not Matthew McConaughey or even, ugh-these days, Mel Gibson. Just this Jason guy from a show we've never seen or heard of (but has some well-known guest stars, according to our research).


But fun.

It's all been fun.


jason dottley said...

hi, its jason dottley, the plaid shirt guy...
first of all, I wasn't in the movie Sordid Lives that's pictured on your blog, I was in the SERIES with Rue McClanahan, Olivia Newton-John and EVERYONE else with me at the Ivy - including my stylist and best friend in the green scarf who dresses stars like the Black Eyed Peas so perhaps he's not the wannabe, rather he's the one actually presenting the look of the celebrity (fyi, he has not worked with the Peas). He also was in Sordid Lives: The Series (which airs in 17 countries). Also, in March I had a top 20 Billboard hit and my next single is coming out in September.

Sorry I was a BOO for you.... :(

Orlando Grandma said...

It does sound like fun even if I do not know much about who is who in show business.
Well it won't be long now.Wendy your redecorated room is going to look real good to you, Ann you just may be glad to stop rolling for a while. See you soon Interesting coment you have to explain it to me

Linda said...

Interesting post, Ann...I haven't been to LA for years, but actually had an actress I recognized in front of me in a line at Disneyland~ she was with her kids and everyone left them alone, as they should have. Illuminating comment he left, explaining the happenings...

The Boston Lady said...

Sorry Jason that I got some of my facts wrong. I had never heard of the show or you before and any snarky comments made were for the amusement of my readers. It was fun to see the excitement around The Ivy. And if this is really a comment from you, then I should amend my Boo.

Orlando Grandma said...

There is a mystery there aboutJason"comment,both ofyou put on you detective hats and start working on it. Are we going to see a "Welcome to Florida"sign? or would you be in too much of a hurry to get hom to meake an extra stop it would be the most appropate one because you sure are welcom to Fla.

Sue said...

Only in LA!! I'm still laughing that I get to learn so much about a city that is so close to me and so far away from you! Have a good trip home!!

Take care, Sue

eggzachary said...

The Boston Lady has made it big (or Mr. Dottley has Google Alerts on his name). It reminds me of the time I gave the movie "Saved" a mixed review on a blog and got a confused comment from the screenwriter. You gotta remember, industry people are obsessed with themselves. Good times.

Mr. Connor said...

Holy cow ! This really got things going. How are you going to stand being in Orlando after you have been in the BIGS ? What an adventure !

jason dottley said...

keep your BOO! I was actually amused by your blog. And yes, I do get google alerts, I am obsessed with myself a bit..
I don't expect you to know who I am, as I'm not a big celebrity, especially not in America.
I found your blog to a funny account of the action. With the internet it's fun to post on someones blog when you get a google alert :)
I think with your wit, you'd like our series.... it's very funny :)
all my best,
jason dottley

The Boston Lady said...

Jason, I'm glad you understand the intent behind the post. It was really the circus-type atmosphere that surrounded the well-known restaurant that I was amused by. Your good friend and stylist is actually who drew my eye first because of his spectacular appearance and he is obviously the real deal, no wannabe (humorous license on my part). I spent my six hour car ride home today concerned that I had offended someone I really know nothing about, which is not the type of person I am.

You are right, I probably would enjoy "Sordid Lives" as I enjoy quirky humor. And even though I had not heard of you before, I respect many of the other actors I saw listed in the credits, including the late Rue McClanahan. Now is my chance to see Jason Dottley in action. I will put "Sordid Lives" on my Netflix list, if it is available there, watch it and if I like it I will definitely do a post about it! Best wishes to you. I still want to take my BOO back :-) Ann W

jason dottley said...

just so you know.. i'm not in the movie so the series isn't on netflix but for sale on Amazon and at

You MUST keep your Boo! Trust me, if I was star watching and saw me rather than someone I recognized, I'd give a Boo too :)


The Boston Lady said...

Ha, ha. Okay will keep it. Now, I will hunt down the series...

JennyP said...

This is so funny! I'm from L.A. and would frequent the Ivy (for the food, it's great!). I moved to the South a few years ago and after watching some cooking shows today I was looking though pictures of the Ivy and stumbled across this blog...I got a big chuckle that your celebrity sighting Jason posted here and set you straight on your info...what a good sport, and you all have a great sense of humor. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. L.A. is a great place if you know where to go.