Friday, August 20, 2010

Eye Candy in O-Town

Hey! This is not my road-weary mind talking - this is the real deal!  I may have seen many mirages during my trip across the country, but what I saw today was real! A true sight for literally sore eyes.

I'm talking about my friend, Suebee, and the plunge she has taken with a good friend of hers into the world of vintage/well-loved items for sale at one of our local businesses.

This wonderful shop is new to our area after relocating from downtown Orlando where they had a very loyal following.  Well, after several visits, I understood why and it just gets better every time I visit.

While I was in California - actually, while I was in Country Road Antiques .a business run by another blogging friend named Sue, I got a text from Orlando Suebee that she and a friend had taken the plunge and rented a booth at Art Angel's.  A place not unlike CRA, in Old Towne Orange, CA,  but on a smaller scale and a perfect place to test the waters.  I was so happy to hear about their undertaking and couldn't wait to get home and see their booth.

I was meeting up with my friend, CG for lunch and some exploration. After satisfying my craving for tuna at a favorite local deli, we headed to see our friends' booth and walked through the front door.

We headed right for Suebee's booth and it is right up front where it should be because it is lovely, tasteful and pleasing to the eye.  But, of course, so is everything at Art Angel's.  Suebee and her partner's booth is the perfect addition and brings even more class and sweetness to an already fantastic store.

I love the way  Suebee and her friend displayed their treasures in this unique hutch with the blue accents on the inside of the glass doors.  What a wonderful way to highlight the treasures on the shelves.

If you look closely at this well-loved can of powdered hand-soap, you will see a horseshoe in the background.  When Suebee told me about her booth, I looked around Country Road Antiques for something to give her to wish her and her partner good luck in their new venture.  A rusty old horseshoe seemed to fit the bill.

But, the big picture is the pretty dresser the hand soap and many other pretties rest upon:

What a special piece with it's drawers and then the unusual middle section with the doors.  Inside it rests old cookbooks and vintage tablecloths, along with an old pot.  I should have taken close-ups of the beautiful details on the top drawers, but even from a distance they can be appreciated.

I love these cowboy boots!  Their tough appearance is a great contrast to the elegance of the shiny bucket with the deer and antlers in front of them.  

 And see that sugar bowl in the background?  Check out the next picture.

What a pretty way to display a set of spoons wrapped in a pretty, gauzey bow.  A delicate bowl on a rugged crate. 

One of my favorite displays was on this old metal cart.  I imagine it being used years ago to serve lemonade and dessert on a patio. 

Here it serves up pretty cake platters, an old hand cross-stitched tea towel, glassware and an old place-mat sized grouping of stitched together "yo-yos" - something I had trouble walking away from since I love those old yo-yos.  There's just something about them.

Here is what we found on the lower shelf:

a delicate pillow and an equally delicate and elaborately embellished plate.

My two friends' booth is a terrific addtion to a wonderful place in our community.  I hope more people will go visit and discover the talent, the treasures and the owner's very helpful and welcome hospitality at
 Art Angel's, 5515 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL.


Mr. Connor said...

What an interesting place to shop. Looks likes a place I shall visit when I am next in O Town.

Sue said...

Good luck to your friend, and her space looks great. And what an awesome post you did for her! Also, "thank you" for the Country Roads plug, it is always appreciated.

Take care, Sue

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It's pictures like those that make me wish I were made of money! I love just about everything in every picture!

I have a cabinet with the same swag detail as that dresser~now I want the dresser!

Orlando Grandma said...

What a lovely corner. I will stop by with some friends.
SueBee good luck on your new location.
Ann you did a superb PR and advertising job .

kheaney said...

Yea!! Suebee is my Auntie Sue! What a great post. The shop looks great!


Alan said...

The space looks great. Good luck in our new venture Suebee!

Claudia said...

Congratulations to your friend in her new endeavor! Didn't you love Country Roads? It is such fabulous shop. Wish I could visit it all the time.


Sanna said...

A very nice shop they have set up. How thoughtful of you to make a post on your blog. But hey, that´s what friends do, right?

I´ll have to come back to you for a longer visit.

Have a nice day,

Linda said...

Oh I would love to visit KarenSue's booth! She has done a wonderful job on it- I love that transferware piece with the silverware...

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a cute shop! Mr. Decor is thankful that it is located too far away for me to cause any trouble. :)

The boys will be coming to Florida in November for Lillian's wedding. We girls are stuck at home due to school. :(