Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White and Rain

Our 4th of July weekend was a wet one.  Mr. Tennis, The Bostons and I headed to the St. Pete/Tampa area for the long weekend, intending to get in lots of beach time, relaxation, fun and fireworks.

When we woke up Saturday to rain we knew we would have to re-invent our beach day and decided to take in a movie.  Which was a total delight and treat.

And surprisingly, a tearjerker.  Most people our age with kids have travelled the Toy Story adventure from the beginning and this final chapter is so nostalgic and poignant, that even the most stoic will shed a small tear.  And yes, Woody is still my hero...

We knew we would be hitting the fireworks on Sunday night, so we decided to have some different kind of fun Saturday night at:

Oh yes, I know it's shocking to some that we get a kick out of going there once in awhile, but it's an inexpensive night out (if you don't gamble big time).  Free parking. We each take $20 to spend as we wish. Since the tables mostly have minimum $25 bets, we stick to the machines.  Sometimes we break even, sometimes we come out ahead, sometimes we each lose $20.  Then, we head over to the DJ section and listen to Joey Jamz.  I don't know what is more fun, listening to his play mix or watching the various characters who take their turn on the dance floor. And no I don't count us as any of those "characters".

The rain took a break Sunday morning and we headed to one of our favorite dog beaches at Fort DeSoto State Park near St. Petersburg, Florida.  It was overcast which made the temperature actually pleasant and kept the crowds at bay.  Panda and Sadie had a great time. (I'm still an amateur at this video stuff so please excuse the rough "director's" cut - and I won't be hurt if you can't stand to watch the whole thing - next skill, editing videos)

And, it did rain the rest of the day on the 4th, so I got to start in on a new Jodi Picoult novel:

which I am enjoying immensely. 

As for fireworks, well, we did watch them.  Several displays in fact. From Washinton DC, Boston and NYC.  The beauty of television when your 4th of July has been rained out. A good weekend was had by all.  Hope yours was great!!


Linda said...

This sounds like a blast to me~ you don't even mind getting rained out! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!

Orlando Grandma said...

Well, you made the best out of it. Did not break the bank at the Casino but it is fun just to watch what goes on, some of those characters are too much. it looks like the Bostons had a good time too.