Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spooning in a Florida Garden

My friend, CG's, Native Florida Garden is beginning to really go gang-busters now that we are in the throes of summer.  Her Native Salvia, above, is very well established as are most of her other plants.

I wanted to help her celebrate her success with her garden and stopped by last week with a little gift for her and her garden.


A fellow blogger, Linda at the wonderful Itsy Bits and Pieces, had a post about a talented artist, Brenda,  who makes plant stakes from old silverware.  When I saw them on her website I knew they would be perfect for CG's garden because she loves old silverware and dishes.  If you take a look at Brenda's website here,  you will see for yourself how creative she is not only with her silverware stakes, but with many other things, such as old typewriter keys.  I simply emailed Brenda my list of plant names I wanted on each stake and she took it from there, in record time!  Brenda, you were a delight to work with and I look forward to ordering more from you in the future.

Just take a peek at how nicely these plant stakes look in the garden:

I've discovered CG will need additional stakes in the future as she has added more plants such as this Coneflower:

(Hmmmm, birthday present idea!)

The garden is beginning to reflect all the hard work my friend has put into it over the past several months. 

As I headed out of the yard, I noticed another garden admirer had left his calling card:


Alan said...

The spoons are a great idea. Otherwise I would have no idea what the various plants are.

Orlando Grandma said...

The hard work shows, the plants are doing real good. What a good idea to use old spoons to identify the plants, very helpful for someone like me.

Linda said...

These turned out SO cute for your friend's garden...what a great gift! And thanks so much for sharing the story and Brenda in your blog!

Mr. Connor said...

These spoons look pretty neat!

eggzachary said...

Isn't salvia a hallucinogenic?