Friday, December 10, 2010

Festive. Brought to You by Many Sources

This week's photography challenge issued by the talented Chania at  Razmataz was "festive".  Well, who can't find something festive this time of year?  Even I was up to this challenge.

Took some photos around the house. Nope, too ordinary and predictable.

(Sorry Snoopy, I love you, you really are one of my favorite ornaments!)

Went to the mall. Egads! They had a huge tree

and lots of beautiful decorations, but it was TOO much.

So, I decided to scale down and visit a favorite window shopping site where my good friend KarenSue and her business partner, Kathy rent a booth.  I knew I would find just the right amount of understated sparkle and fun. Festive fun:

(If you will look very carefully in the beautiful mirror behind this tinsel treasure you will see my MIL, Orlando Grandma reflected on the left - we had relaxing fun looking at all the goodies)

Chic, sophisticated glamour:

Colorful vintage beauty:

Fun, nostalgic cuteness:

And sweet, precious angels:

I got back home and was greeted by my humble light display on my front porch. Nothing fancy. But who says ordinary and predictable can't be festive?

Thanks Chania for hosting another fun challenge!

(If anyone wants a more detailed peak at KarenSue's booth, please read my earlier post here. She and Kathy are always changing it up with fun new items every week!)


KarenSue said...

OMGoodness! Thank you my good friend. You are such a great support to me. Great photos! You make me sooo proud!

Jo said...

A blogger needs our help.

Orlando Grandma said...

I had a great time looking at all the interesting things displayed in that fun store. Of course without Ann's expert eye I would have missed a lot. Loved the blog and thanks for your company and time.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love it all. I just wish I could muster up the umph to decorate. The boxes are sitting there....
I put Mr. Decor on a plane yesterday, yep his birthday.

I am making cookies with the kiddos today. Hoping to find Christmas.

Linda said...

Looks like a fun day, Ann! I haven't even started to shop~ antiquing looks more fun to me, too! I'd love to shop KarenSue's booth!

D.B. said...

Love those vintage ornaments!

retha said...

Of it all I like the most that your Orland Grandma goes with you and enjoy browsing around!

Mr. Connor said...

Lots of looking around and finding great treasures . Wonderful way to spend a day !

Razmataz said...

I often think that the simple and ordinary things are the most festive....I am not for Over the Top. Love that booth. That box of ornaments is really pretty.

Kit said...

Loved your "wandering" photos. Great idea! I am hoping to find more holiday festive at a wonderful flea market south of us. Have a great holiday! Kit