Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Because I Haven't Shown It To You, Doesn't Mean I Don't Have It.

I'm not quite ready to start launching into seasonal-type posts quite yet and I know a small number of you, very small, have been waiting with baited breath for my latest post.  Well I have saved these pictures just for you.  I actually acquired this mirror about two months ago on a trek to our wonderful local thrift.  It was $4 and I couldn't believe someone hadn't snatched it up. 

My hands were quick and my step quicker as I clutched my prize to my chest and made my way to the cashier.  Even she was surprised that something in such good condition and so unique was so cheap and that SHE had not snagged it for herself.

Hung it in my bedroom (that I share with Mr. Tennis, the Bostons and the cats - so it's not really mine).  Played the "how long until he notices game". He never did, I broke down after three days and told him it was there and he had passed it on every trip to our "masterbath" and to his side of the bed. Yes, we have sides. The animals claim all the rest of the space.

So, there it hangs and I smile when I turn the light on in there each evening because I like it!

Now you know I have it. No more secrets. Or are there?

Happy December.


Linda said...

Love the mirror! Can't believe that was only $4~ I need to go thrifting again!

Mr. Connor said...

Looks really great !

Orlando Grandma said...

You do have an eye for special findings,I like it very much.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'm so glad you explained the mirror... I thought you had a PEEPING TOM IN YOUR WINDOW!

Lovely mirror.