Saturday, December 11, 2010

If Looks Could Kill...

Can you see those eyes in this grainy "papparazzi style" shot?  The queen of the house, Susie, is reduced to hiding in the closet, sulking.

And this one, Bumby.  It's not disgust and being ticked that keeps her amongst the clutter in the same closet. It is fear. Fear that makes her watch around corners for unexpected encounters.

Fear of what you ask?


Yes, she's back home from college with The Maven and she's rocked The Boston household.

She's stalked.

And, even though Darcy doesn't know it, she has struck fear in more than one member of the house.

Sadie, like Bumby, just seems to not understand the kitten mind and therefore is somewhat afraid.  Won't even look at her.

But Sadie you need to be watching, because if you don't then this will happen.

As for Panda?  She could care less.  The kitten blur barely registers on her radar.

Frog legs indicate total relaxation.

You can see who is the most relaxed creature, who looks the happiest and who is on alert, just in case. And who is missing from the picture (ahem, Susie and Bumby).

Welcome home Darcy, from some of us.


Sue said...

Darcy rocks! I have a friend named Darcy that pretty much gets everyone's attention as well!!

Take care, Sue

Linda said...

You're sure blessed with some fun animals, Ann...I love this post!

Hartwood Roses said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. We added two kittens to our household in August, and the older cats had no idea how much their world would change ... for the better, IMO. These little babies breathed some much-needed vitality into our family of senior pets, and everyone has adjusted quite well, finally. Darcy is a darling!

Orlando Grandma said...

Darcy is an inquisitive creature as I could experience last time I was there, nowonder the rest of the animal family is in the look out mode. She so cute too.

Mr. Connor said...

What a cat / kitten. Has grown a lot bigger in the last few weeks. Needed some excitement in the household.

vintagesusie & wings said...

Thanks for stopping by & visiting my Vintage Christmas. Here's to making new Wonderful Holiday Memories!!
Smiles & Candy Canes,

Mr. Tennis said...

The picture of a bug-eyed Sadie says it all.

Mango said...

Wow! These holiday house guests can really mess things up. I suppose you will have to make due until the terrible Miss Darcy goes back home. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

well it looks like at the end of the day they all get along, OR they are all too tired to care?

varunner said...

LOL, those sad Sadie ears!! hope her day got better ;-)

kristin said...

awww I love this post as I am an animal lover.. I love reading about other peoples pets! I will have to start posting more about my pets. I have TONS of pictures so I need to start getting them up!
I am your newest follower! :)

The_Tyro said...

darcy seems to be settling in nicely~