Friday, December 3, 2010

I Hope This is a Vignette....

Chania at Razmataz has given us two weeks to ponder this most recent photo challenge.  It was to be a photograph of a vignette and then photo(s) of the broader view to see what is beyond the smaller world of vignettes.

I did my best.  I don't have too many of these staged groupings, so I went with something in my house that I really like and use every evening.

I like the industrial feel of this "vase" and incorporated it with my love of candles.  The vase was one I picked up at the thrift for about $1 many months ago.  The votive holder is actually the only purchase I have made from Anthropologie.  I just really liked the vintage feel to it.  You can catch a glimpse of my Boston friend and the beautiful mirror I have from my parents home. As well as a side of my china cabinet which holds many treasures that are dear to my heart from my mother, both sets of grandparents and my Aunt Dot.

Here is a morning view with my blogging buddy, Bumby the cat reflected in the mirror.

My industrial candle arrangement sits upon two crocheted doilies (although I guess they are a little big to be considered doilies, but what else can I refer to them as?) that came from my beloved Aunt Dot, my mother's sister.

The table everything rests upon is one I've had since I've moved into this house over 20 years ago.  I bought it for $20 at a used furniture place. It's a Drexel and I always wanted to refinish it, but life intruded and it remained scarred with corners damaged by animals and children.  I painted it about four years ago, but it looked so hideous that even Goodwill rejected it.  It's been in my carport ever since up until two weeks ago when I borrowed an electric sander from a good friend. "Don't even strip it", she told me, "just sand it and then paint it and then distress it".  I followed those wise instructions and am quite please that I was able to round out the corners, erase some other flaws and then paint with some paint I mixed myself (oh my!).  Final touches were some sanding along the edges to give it a "used" feel and some sealer on the paint job.  It looks the best it has ever looked!

And, it goes with my "color scheme" that I have somehow managed to keep consistent in my living room.

We live in a very small, 1500 Sq Ft, 1960s ranch home in Orlando, Florida and our living room reflects these restrictions.  A sectional in the corner has opened the room considerably and also provides seating.  My aunt's Windsor chair fits in well and the green "thing" on the couch is for the Bostons who like to perch there and "guard" our home. I was so happy to bring home the area rug from my trip across the country this summer with my daughter from LA.

Still Life paintings above the couch were my father's and look wonderful in the morning light which shines through the window each morning.

And I will close with a morning shot of one of the still life paintings I took this morning. 

Thanks Chania for another interesting challenge!


Olive Cooper said...

I love it. Your table came out really well and fits that space perfectly. merry♥O

Sammy said...

Looking great! Love it all!

mollygolver said...

Anne - well done. The table looks great. Surprising what a little bit of TLC can achieve!

retha said...

Wire and or metal items are very popular here by us now.

Good job on the table.

Jacqueline said...

Well done you on the table! And I love that candle!

Linda said...

Such a cozy room...your table turned out great!

Kit said...

Your room looks so cozy and inviting. Kit

Razmataz said...

I love your first shot. You can see the horiziontal lines of the candle jar and the blinds. Love your sectional sofa, it all looks so inviting!

Thanks for joinign us.

Mr. Connor said...

Great story line to go with the pictures !

Orlando Grandma said...

Thanks for bringing to life what the assigment was all about.

oldgreymare said...

Table looks great and it's in my favorite shade of green.