Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's More Than a Ring

Chania at RAZAMATAZ has graciously begun hosting Friday photo challenges again.  This week the subject matter is Jewelry.

I'm not much of a jewelry person and don't own a lot of it, but I have one piece in particular that is most meaningful to me for many reasons.

It's my engagement ring.

It's not my original engagement ring.  The diamond fell out of my original ring after we had been married about five years.  I was devastated and sure Mr. Tennis, my husband, would be pretty upset too.

Well, anyone who knows him knows he doesn't get upset, he just gets things done.

He surprised me by resetting my paternal grandmother's engagement ring that had been left to me.  It was in a very unattractive setting that did not show off the beauty of the diamond.  When he took it to a jeweler to be reset, the jeweler was surprised at the superior quality of the diamond and said it must have come from Europe around the turn of the century.  Indeed it did.  My grandfather brought that ring over to the United States from Scotland to give to his intended, my grandmother. Not sure of the exact date (bet my brother Mr. Connor knows!), but I estimate about 1910.

It's not huge, splashy or extraordinary- except to me. It's part of my family history - pre-marriage and after.

About 6 years ago I couldn't wear the ring because of arthritis in my ring finger.  My wedding ring had to be sawed off as did my engagement ring.  That made me feel just terrible.

After a couple of years of listening to me fret about not having a ring to show I was married, Mr. Tennis again solved the problem.  A local jeweler devised an expander so the ring could be slipped over the enlarged knuckle joint.

This month I will have been married to this man for thirty years.  Best thing I ever did. And this ring reminds me of that fact every day.

(I also realize I will never be a hand model, but wanted you to see the obstacle that was overcome - note to self: moisturize please)

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Razmataz said...

It's beautiful....the link to your family and your husbands thoughtfulness. I think that style is so classically beautiful...timeless and simple, but beautiful.

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

What a gorgeous ring and I love the story behind it. I'm a hopeless romantic, knowing that your Grandfather brought it all the way over for your Grandmother and it was handed down. Sigh.

Erika (Blair's Mom)

Chatty Crone said...

That man is a keeper - one of the sweetest and romantic stories I've heard.
Glad you got a ring - sorry about your arthritis.

Olive Cooper said...

This ring and how is comes to fit your finger is so sweet and touching. I am so glad you shared this story.

Janie Fox said...

What a great man! And there ain't enuf moisturizer for this ol' lizard!~

centerofgravity said...

Well, Ann, you know that I have always been a fan of Mr. Tennis. He is indeed a keeper. How nice that he reset your grandmother's diamond for you.

Mr. Connor said...

Lots of history. Would have to do a lot of looking and a lot more guessing as to when they came over from Scotland. I have his naturalization papers but that is not enough of a clue. The ring / the story are beautiful & priceless.

Orlando Grandma said...

What a fitting story as you near your 30th aniversary.Early CONGRATULATIONS to one of my dearest couple in the world. My preyers for good health and continious togetherness. Love you much.

E. Charlotte said...

What a beautiful post! The ring is gorgeous and the story behind it is wonderful. Jewelry with history is the best kind. :) Your husband sounds like a keeper too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!..and sooo special too, I know you cherish, and I enjoyed reading the history.
I'm joining up with the "jewelry challenge too".

mollygolver said...

Beautiful ring. Lovely story!

Linda said...

Your ring is lovely, Ann! I enjoyed hearing the story behind it, too!

Mr. Tennis said...

I feel truly fortunate to have shared the last 30 years with the Boston Lady. Here's to the next 30!

Kit said...

What a lovely ring and a lovely man to go with it. Made me smile. Kit

Annesphamily said...

That is a beautiful story! I lost my original diamond which is not too large a year or two ago. I found it on the floor! Had it reset and cleaned. I love that ring. I do love a good love story and you certainly have one. Marriage is such a wonderful thing. I enjoyed stopping by today. Anne

clustres said...

Love this story and ring. I have arthritis too and this is a really clever thing to do with the ring!

Mary said...

Your ring is lovely but then so is the guy who gave it to you. I think you are a perfect pair. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Sandy said...

What a wonderful story - and beautiful ring. Wow.

Northern Belle said...

It CANNOT be 30 years already!! You two have been blessed with each other. Be well, stay happy, enjoy many more years together. Much love!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann!!! I've enjoyed reading the story again of the "Ring" on Shanae's blog Truimp and Tears, congrats on the feature.Great Story too.I'm glad to be a follower and so happy we are bloggy buddies.

ps..Razmataz has another photo challenge(white).

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Love this story. You have a great hubby to make the effort so you have a ring you can wear. Congrats on celebrating your 30th (we just did too).

Velvet Over Steel said...

Great 'love' story about the ring & it's hisotry! I found you through Shanae's great feature on You!

Following & Congrats on being features!!